New degree in MSc Geospatial intelligence approved

Posted by fh56 at Aug 23, 2011 08:43 AM |
We are pleased to announce a new MSc degree to add to our portfolio for 2010-2011, the MSc Geospatial Intelligence.

The aim of this programme is to produce highly qualified and highly motivated masters graduates, technically and spatially equipped to proceed into the active commercial Geographical Information Systems (GIS) industry, into work that develops and supports governmental spatial data infrastructures, or into further academic research positions. The programme will run jointly between the Departments of Computer Science and Geography, both of which have established MSc programmes in related areas; this course brings together a mix of expertise designed to equip students in a highly contemporary subject area.

More specifically, this course concentrates on web-enabled architectures for accessing geospatial data and software, the design of innovative and flexible geospatial software systems, core issues in geographical information science and the visualisation of geographical data. During the first phase of the course, the MSc is intended to equip students with a sound understanding of the broad areas in the context of rapidly emerging new technologies. By bringing both software engineering and geospatial themes together explicitly in the project phase of the degree, the course offers exciting opportunities to explore emerging trends relating for example to the geoweb, online mapping, map services and spatial services; GPS-enabled mobile technologies augmented or mixed reality and lidar-enabled 3D visualisations of natural and built environments. Many software providers are beginning to harness developments in web technologies to develop GI mapping services on both desktop and, increasingly, mobile platforms and this is likely to become quite a significant component of the GI infrastructure of the future.



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