MSC GIS student wins Dissertation Prize

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MSc GIS student Claire Burwell wins the Ordnance Survey MSc Dissertation Project Prize for 2008/9.
MSC GIS student wins Dissertation Prize


In her dissertation, Claire researched the display airborne and terrestrial LiDAR point returns in 3D virtual reality (VR) for a vegetated area. The first step of her work was to develop the visualization program and explore its general utility and limitations. Claire then applied her visualisation framework to the integration of terrestrial and airborne datasets. The integration of the airborne and terrestrial LiDAR datasets gave a more complete structure of the forest environment, and expert LiDAR specialists agreed that the dynamic virtual setting facilitated the exploration of this improved detail.

The visualisation program was pre-viewed and tested at the Annual Remote Sensing & Photogrammetric Society Conference in September 2009 (hosted by the Department of Geography at Leicester), and by industrial colleagues at Infoterra. The dissertation was enabled by the SPLINT 3D virtual visualisation suite, a distinctive resource open to MSc GIS students at Leicester. The work was supervised by Dr Claire Jarvis (3D visualisation) and Dr Kevin Tansey (LiDAR).



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