Geography prize winner at Postgraduate Festival of Research

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Research student Kate Moore has won the Grant Thornton Prize for Best Presentation in Science and Engineering Prize at the Festival of Postgraduate Research for a presentation on her interdisciplinary PhD research in Kenya.
Geography prize winner at Postgraduate Festival of Research

Postgraduate Festival Winners

Her poster was entitled Mapping the Tugen Trail: and was based around a map of a 140km walk she made across the Rift Valley where she is studying the role of traditional values in environmental conservation. The walk formed a cultural and environmental transect across the lands occupied by the Tugen people where a network of trails physically links the Rift Valley’s diverse landscapes.

While there she walked with women who were carrying heavy twenty litre barrels of water many kilometres from the river to their home and interviewed village chiefs who talked about the problems of drought and food shortage.

She said:

Inevitably as water and food become scarce using wild meat to feed a family increases. One solution is to increase ecotourism income in this little known area. I was enthused by the natural, cultural protection that creatures were given. In one village the solution of the conflicts arising from the resident crocodile population in the dam eating livestock was not to kill them but to request money and aid to build a third, enclosed dam just for wildlife.
Local people participated in mapping some of these trails with GPS and a video camera. These films and maps are being used on GoogleEarth and YouTube to show the world some of the issues facing the Tugen people and as a possible way forward for encouraging ecotourism development and conservation alike.

The winners will represent the University of Leicester at the regional poster competition at University of Nottingham on 7th July.

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