Prospects for our graduates are excellent.

Posted by fh56 at Aug 23, 2011 08:44 AM |
Employment statistics show that 95% of Leicester graduates find a job or take a higher degree, higher than the national subject average, within six months of graduating.

We know that:

  • Within 6 months, 95% of our graduates secured employment or proceeded to take a postgraduate degree course (see footnote 1 below). This is up from 89% in the previous year.
  • You have a better than average chance of securing a job with a Geography degree from Leicester, compared with your peer group from other Institutions. In 2005, 70% secured employment. This followed figures of 74% in 2004 and 67% in 2003. This compares very favorably with the employment prospects for UK geography graduates that were 66% in 2005, 66% in 2004 and 64% in 2003 (see footnote 2 below).
  • 1 in 5 of our graduates pursue a full-time higher degree.

(1) Based on 76 respondents indicating employment or further study and 4 respondents assumed to be unemployed.
(2) Based on a survey of 2435 respondents, 'First Destinations of UK Human and Social Geography Graduates'.


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