Staff Research Interests

Academic Staff that contribute to research in the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology, are listed below with keywords outlining their research and a link to their web-pages. Within the department are several collaborative research groups and projects. Where appropriate, links the these pages are provided next to the lead academic, and also provided at the bottom of the page.


Name Research Keywords
Dr Richard Badge Actively mobile DNA in human, primate & rodent genome dynamics
Dr Christopher D. Bayliss Localised hypermutation as mechansim of adaptation in bacterial pathogens

Dr Sandra Beleza

Human population genetics, phenotype-genotype correlations, admixture mapping, skin and eye color, host-pathogen interactions in Helicobacter pylori infection
Professor Anthony J. Brookes

Technologies and informatics for research and healthcare. Professor Brookes is head of the Bioinformatics group.

See the bioinformatics research page for on going work in the group.

Professor Raymond Dalgleish Genetics & informatics of inherited human diseases
Dr Sinead Drea The evolution of fruit and seed development in plants
Professor Yuri E. Dubrova Genetic risk of human exposure to ionising radiation & other mutagens
Professor Flaviano Giorgini Neurogenetics of neurodegenerative & protein misfolding diseases
Dr Richard Gornall

Taxonomic and evolutionary studies in flowering plants; special interest in the Saxifragaceae; population genetics and molecular ecology of aquatic plants

Dr Rob Hammond

Evolution of complex social traits, the roles of gene expression in rates of evolution, and the dynamics and resolution of social conflicts within animal societies.

Professor Pat Heslop-Harrison Genome evolution and biodiversity, repetitive DNA and molecular cytogenetics in diploid and polyploid species
Dr Colin Hewitt Teaching and Learning: Programme development and assessment. Immunogenetics: ligands of Leucocyte Receptor Complex gene products. Conservation Genetics: Genotyping and sexing of a reintroduced population of Osprey (Pandion haliaetus)
Dr James Higgins Investigating the mechanisms of meiotic crossover control in diploid and polyploid plants
Dr Edward J. Hollox Consequences & evolutionary causes of structural variation in genomes
Professor Mark A. Jobling Molecular, evolutionary & cultural effects on human genetic diversity
Professor Julian Ketley Molecular genetics of Campylobacter
Professor Ed Louis Quantitative genetics of complex traits in yeast, genome stability, telomeres and subtelomeres
Dr Cas Kramer Genetics Education, Science Communication, Outreach & Public engagement
Professor Charalambos Kyriacou Evolutionary & neurogenetic studies of behavioural genes in Drosophila
Dr Eamonn Mallon The role of epigenetics in social insect biology - Social Epigenetics Lab
Dr Celia May Dynamics of the human genome: mutation and recombination
Dr Julie Morrissey Molecular genetics of Staphylococcus aureus & Streptococcus pneumoniae
Professor Marco Oggioni Molecular genetics of Streptococcus pneumoniae and drug resistance
Prof Carlo Rivolta Molecular genomics of hereditary diseases and cancer
Dr Ezio Rosato Genes, Neurons & complex behaviours
Dr Nicola J. Royle Molecular genetics of telomeres in cancer and ageing
Dr Nicola Suter-Giorgini Teaching & learning in genetics & health education
Dr Christopher Talbot Genetic prediction of patient response to radiotherapy
Professor David Twell Plant reproductive and developmental genetics, evolution of germline regulatory networks and pollen biology
Dr Turi King Y chromosome types and paternally inherited surnames, and the use of genetics to study archaeology, anthropology and history.


Staff in the Department of Genetics and Genome Biology (GGB) also contribute to many of the cross-departmental Research Themes in the College of Life Sciences including:

CancerCardiovascular; Genome Science; Microbial ScienceMolecular and Cellular Bioscience; Neuroscience and Behaviour; Population Science; Respiratory Sciences; Research underpinning learning & teaching RESULT

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