Prof Mark A Jobling

Mark is an evolutionary geneticist interested in the pattern and process of human genome variation. He came to the University of Leicester in 1992 having identified the only known hypervariable human Y-chromosome-specific minisatellite, and attracted by the presence of Alec Jeffreys, discoverer of DNA fingerprinting. He contributed to the development of Y-chromosomal short-tandem repeats (Y-STRs), as well as to international projects typing these markers in global samples. He was lead author of the seminal review on the Y chromosome in forensics, and co-author of the Thomas Jefferson paternity case paper, a major stimulus for the field of genetic genealogy. Other contributions have included membership of forensic nomenclature committees, studies of Y-chromosome rearrangements that affect the interpretation of STR profiles, work on surname prediction from Y haplotypes, and population databases. He is a member of the Forensic Science Regulator's Y-STR Working Group, and (from 2018) The Biometric and Forensics Ethics Group, a non-departmental advisory body of the Home Office. As well as this forensic-related work, Mark has a track record in human population genetics and molecular evolution including studies on European population history, sex-biased admixture, and mutation processes (e.g. gene conversion and non-allelic homologous recombination). His laboratory has recently undertaken large-scale NGS studies in humans and great apes.

Selected publications

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JOBLING, M., Hollox, E., Hurles, M., Kivisild, T. and Tyler-Smith, C. (2014) Human Evolutionary Genetics (2nd edition). 670pp., Garland Science, New York/London.


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