Alec Jeffreys Forensic Genomics Unit

Recent developments in DNA sequencing technologies have revolutionised biology and medicine, and are set to do the same for forensic science. Massively parallel sequencing (MPS; also known as next-generation sequencing - NGS) will allow much more information to be extracted from trace and damaged DNA samples, and will facilitate at-scene DNA analysis. The aim of the Alec Jeffreys Forensic Genomics Unit (based in the Department of Genetics & Genome Biology) is to be a UK centre for excellence in developing and applying MPS approaches to forensically relevant problems, including human individual identification, human population structure analysis and databasing, analysis of challenging trace materials, and animal species and individual identification.

We are honoured that Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys has allowed us to associate his name with our unit.

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Our equipment and infrastructure

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Our academic collaborators

  • Prof Lisa Smith, Department of Criminology: Empowering victims of sexual violence using novel DNA collection and examination kits
  • Prof Rob Hillman, Department of Chemistry: Recovery of fingerprints and DNA profiles from surfaces
  • Prof Nuala Sheehan, Department of Health Sciences: human kinship estimation from genomic data
  • Dr Richard Oduor, Kenyatta University, Nairobi: Genetic diversity in Kenya; establishing forensic reference databases for Kenyan populations

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We are currently developing our facilities to offer specialist DNA analysis services; enquiries are welcome.

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