Research Team

Current group members

Ms Margherita Colucci: BBSRC MIBTP iCASE Ph.D. student, jointly supervised by Prof Nuala Sheehan, and in partnership with DNA Worldwide.

Mr Ettore Fedele: NERC CENTA Ph.D. student, jointly supervised by Dr Jon Wetton, and in collaboration with Twycross Zoo

Ms Jane Mbithe Muinde: Visiting student from Kenyatta University.

Dr Richard Oduor: Honorary Visiting Fellow from Kenyatta University, Nairobi, supported under a UoL International Research Development Fund award

Ms Emily Patterson: Ph.D. student, BBSRC MIBTP iCASE Ph.D. student, jointly supervised by Dr Celia May and Dr Jon Wetton, in partnership with Twycross Zoo, and collaboration with the Zoological Society of London

Dr Jon Wetton: Post-doctoral research associate; formerly under the Impact of Diasporas programme

Past members

Sue Adams: Post-doctoral research associate

Fatma Al Mahrouqi: M.Sc. Molecular Genetics student

Patricia Balaresque: Post-doctoral research associate

Stéphane Ballereau: Post-doctoral research associate

Chiara Batini: Post-doctoral research associate

Elena Bosch: Post-doctoral research associate

Nourdine Bouzekri: Ph.D. student

Georgina Bowden: Ph.D. student; Research technician

Valentina Dominici: Visiting Fellow from Sapienza University of Rome

Hayley Dunn: Ph.D. student, jointly supervised with Prof Simon James (School of Archaeology), under the Impact of Diasporas programme

Marwan El Khoury: Ph.D. student

Neale Fretwell: Ph.D. student

Pille Hallast: Post-doctoral research associate

Tunde Huszar: Ph.D. student; now Honorary Visiting Fellow at the University of Leicester, post-doctoral fellow at NIST and Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Matt Hurles: Ph.D. student

Yahya Khubrani: Ph.D. student; now Honorary Visiting Fellow at the University of Leicester, and Forensic Geneticist at the Saudi Forensic Service

Turi King: Ph.D. student and Post-doctoral research associate; now Professor of Public Engagement and Reader in Genetics and Archaeology

Gurdeep Lall: Research technician

Jodie Lampert: Ph.D. student

Maarten Larmuseau: Visiting fellow from KU Leuven, 2015

Suzanne Lavelle: Ph.D. student

Andy Lee: Research technician

Holly Leung: Ph.D. student

Elise Lucotte: Visiting Masters student

Pierpaolo Maisano Delser: Ph.D. student

Victoria Navickaite: M.Sc. Molecular Genetics student

Ghada Omran: Ph.D. student

Emma Parkin: Post-doctoral research associate

Nitikorn Poriswanish: Ph.D. student

Giacomo Potente: Visiting Erasmus student from the University of Padova

Rita Rasteiro: Post-doctoral research associate

Zoë Rosser: Ph.D. student; Post-doctoral research associate

Vicky Samara: M.Sc. student

Morag Shanks: Ph.D. student

Callum Spencer: M.Sc. Molecular Genetics student

Meng Sun: Ph.D. student, primary supervisor Prof Nuala Sheehan (Department of Health Sciences)

Paul Taylor: Post-graduate research assistant

Valerie Tucker: Part-time research associate supported under a University of Leicester Prospects award for ISO17025 accreditation

Daniel Zadik: Post-doctoral research associate

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