Selected Publications


Bishop NC, Walker GJ, Gleeson M, Fiona A. Wallace FA, Hewitt CRA. 2009
Human T lymphocyte migration towards the supernatants of Human Rhinovirus infected airway epithelial cells: Influence of exercise and carbohydrate intake.
Exercise Immunology Review, 15, 42-59

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IgGs reactive with proteins secreted by Streptococcus pyogenes are more abundant in serum from patients with chronic plaque psoriasis than healthy controls.
British Journal of Dermatology 152(4):838

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Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 3(10):149

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CD4-T-Lymphocyte Interactions with Pneumolysin and Pneumococci Suggest a Crucial Protective Role in the Host Response to Pneumococcal Infection
Infection and Immunity, 72, 2689–2697

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Smith PR, Venables PJW, Williams D, Hewitt CRA, Lam K, Maini RN 1984
Monoclonal Antibodies to SS-B (LA)
British Journal of Rheumatology 23 122


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