Dr John Bailey - Publications

Bailey, J.P.,  (1988) Putative Reynoutria japonica Houtt. x Fallopia baldschuanica (Regel) Holub hybrids discovered in Britain.  Watsonia, 17: 163-164.

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Bailey, J.P. (Submitted) Japanese Knotweed s.l. at home and abroad.

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Pashley, C.H., Bailey, J.P. & Ferris, C. (Submitted).  Further evidence of the role of Dolgellau in the production and dispersal of Japanese Knotweed s.l.

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Schnitzler, A. & Bailey, J. (2008). Polymorphisme génétique et plasticité phénotypique deux atouts pour la dispersion des Renouées Asiatiques? Rev. Écol. 63: 209-217

Richards, C.L., Walls, R.L., Bailey, J.P., Parameswaran, R., George, T. and Pigliucci, M. (2008). Plasticity in salt tolerance traits allows for invasion of novel habitat by Japanese Knotweed s.l. (Fallopia japonica and F. x bohemica, Polygonaceae). Am.J.Bot 95(8): 931-942 numbers in Sorbus L. (Rosaceae) in the British Isles. Watsonia, 27:69-72

Ayres, DR, Grotkopp, EK,  Zaremba , K, Sloop, CM, Blum, MJ, Bailey, JP, 4 Anttila, CK and Strong DR.  (2008).  Mechanisms and consequences of Spartina species (Poaceae) hybridisation and evolution. Am.J.Bot. 95(6): 713-719

Bailey, J.P., Bímová, K. and · Mandák, B. (2008) Asexual spread versus sexual reproduction and evolution in Japanese Knotweed s.l. - the “Battle of the Clones?  Biological Invasions, DOI 10.1007/s10530-008-9381-4 

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