Dr Andrew Millard

Associate Professor Bacteriophage Bioinformatics

Associate Professor Bacteriophage Bioinformatics


Andy Millard


BSc Micro & Cell Biology- University of Plymouth (2000)

PhD , University of Warwick (2004)

Fellow Higher Education Academy

Tel: 0116 252 5743

Email: adm39@le.ac.uk

Lab Website: http://millardlab.org/


I am a lecturer in bacteriophage bioinformatics. I studied at the University of Plymouth, gaining a degree in Micro & Cell Biology, before moving to the University of Warwick. At Warwick, I completed a PhD in “The molecular biology of Marine Cyanophages”, where I led the genome sequencing of the marine cyanophage S-PM2. Following my PhD, I did post-docs with Profs N. Mann & D. Scanlan in the area of marine microbiology. In 2013 I moved from the School of Life Sciences to Warwick Medical school, to take up a position as a senior research fellow and set up my own group, in the newly formed Microbiology and Infection Unit. Here I set up the server infrastructure for the high-throughput analysis of bacterial genomes. In 2017 I moved to Leicester to take up a position as a lecturer in bacteriophage bioinformatics.

Throughout my career, my research has focused on the interaction of bacteriophage with their bacterial hosts. Further details can be found here www.millardlab.org



My current research focuses on bacteriophages across a range of systems and the provision of bioinformatics tools.

Further details are here

Current funding includes:

Leverhulme Trust - Obtaining a mechanistic understanding of viral photosynthesis

Utilising the phage-host system of S-PM2-Synechococcus WH7803 to understand how cyanophages alter host photosynthesis

NERC - Revealing a mechanistic understanding of the role of viruses and host nutrient status in modulating CO2 fixation in key marine phototrophs.

Understanding how cyanophages can alter host carbon fixation during the infection cycle

BBSRC- The farm environment: an overlooked reservoir of Mycobacterium bovis?

MRC- Cloud Infrastructure for Microbial Bioinformatics


BBSRC- EnteroBase: A Powerful, User-Friendly Online Resource for Analyzing and Visualizing Genomic Variation within E. coli and S. enterica.

NERC - EVAL-FARMS: Evaluating the Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance in Agricultural Manures and Slurries


Currently, my group consists of three PhD students. My research interests are based around bacteriophage from both a wet lab-based analysis of bacteriophage-host interactions and bioinformatic analysis of their genomes.


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