Alec Jeffreys and Genetic Fingerprinting

In 1984, Alec Jeffreys discovered the technique of genetic fingerprinting in a laboratory in the Department of Genetics at the University of Leicester. Twenty five years later, in 2009, Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys still conducts his research in the same Department - and teaches there too.

This anniversary website collects together interviews and information about Sir Alec's life and work.

Sir Alec Jeffreys

The history of genetic fingerprinting

This interview provides a good overview of Professor Jeffreys' life and work, including both biographical and scientific information.

Hotspots and minisatellites

In this interview, Professor Jeffreys explains the importance of the short sequences within DNA which can be used to track mutation and recombination, the two ways that DNA is able to vary itself.

What Sir Alec did next

An interview concentrating on Professor Jeffreys' current and future work.

A century of human genetics

Text of a speech given by Professor Jeffreys in 2000, describing the history of the field in which he works, from the discovery of blood groups in 1900 to his own work on the legacy of Chernobyl.

Genetic fingerprinting explained

Bullet-point guide to the key facts about DNA, genetic fingerprinting and genetic profiling.

The science behind genetic fingerprinting

A brief overview of what is involved from a scientific perspective.

Biography of Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys

A short biography of the inventor of DNA fingerprinting.

Chronology of DNA fingerprinting at Leicester

Important dates in the development of DNA fingerprinting from 1977 to the present.

Honorary degree oration and response

Professor Jeffreys was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science at the University of Leicester in July 2004.

Useful links

Further online resources, within the University of Leicester and beyond.

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