Nucleus Genomics

Nucleus Genomics Facility

Nucleus Genomics is a state of the art core facility based within the Department of Genetics of the University of Leicester enabling researchers within, and outside the University, to incorporate the very latest Genomics technologies in their experiments.

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments which includes a Microarray Platform (Illumina Iscan and Agilent C-scanner), a Next Generation Sequencing Platform (Illumina Miseq) and a high throughput quantitative PCR platform (Roche Light Cycler, ABI 7900HT).

Work can be handed over to the NUCLEUS team for completion, or conducted in some form of partnership with the users. To enable this, a support model has been devised that also involves training and laboratory hotel activities.

The facility is a non-profit academic lab. Our customers are charged on a single cost recovery basis. Pricing for our systems is provided for guidance (See charges page).

For an accurate quotation, or for additional information, please contact us:

Dr Nicolas Sylvius or Mrs Reshma Vaghela.


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