Slang Glossaries (on campus)

These glossaries have been compiled by students reading English at the University of Leicester for a course called Slang and the WWW.

Each of these glossaries covers the slang of a different group of students or of an external group of which the glossary's compiler is a member. Each can be searched from within its host site using the link below.

About the site

The site was first launched in May 2005, and included 10 glossaries. Each time the course runs, more glossaries are added, and further updates will be made in future. These glossaries offer a first-hand account of current slang used by sub-groups of Leicester students, but many of the terms are also more widely employed.

These glossaries have already provided invaluable lexicological data for three publications:

Please note that we're currently have technical problems with some of the older glossaries. We're working on this.

reddit Slang Charlotte Whyman 2014/15
Student Slang Anonymous 2014/15
Instagram Slang Anonymous 2014/15
Burlesque Slang Anonymous 2014/15
London Slang Anonymous 2014/15
Phoneshop Slang Anonymous 2014/15
Southampton Football Forum Slang Anonymous 2014/15
British Muslim Slang Anonymous 2013/14
Tumblr Slang Anonymous 2013/14
Internet Slang Anonymous 2013/14
House of Slang Anonymous 2013/14
British Indian Slang Davinder Sandhu 2013/14
Guys' Guide to Girls' Slang Anonymous 2013/14
Fashion Slang Anonymous 2013/14
Yorkshire and Essex Slang Kerry Mace 2013/14
Online Gaming Slang Anonymous 2013/14
"The Show" Slang Ryan Armstrong 2013/14
British Slang Rubi Sur 2013/14
Glossary of Porn Anonymous 2013/14
Online Football Forum Anonymous 2013/14
Female House Slang Anonymous 2013/14
Man Slang Anisha Bhogaita 2011/12
Uni Slang Alison Franklin 2011/12
British Gangster Slang Benjamin Morbey 2011/12
ULFC Football Slang Emma Kempson 2011/12
Pub Slang Hannah Yates 2011/12
Regents Slang Jeffrey Stammers 2011/12
Internet Slang Matthew Banes 2011/12
Bartending Slang Simon Gilligan 2011/12
Asian Slang Simi Gupta 2011/12
BBC Radio Slang Mark Fletcher 2009/10
Female Slang Louise Robinson 2009/10
Student House Slang Emily Jones 2009/10
Internet Slang Sara Slack 2009/10
Young Adult Slang Rachel Martin 2009/10
Great Yarmouth Slang Jenny Snell 2009/10
Tav Talk Lucy Maycock 2009/10
University of Leicester Slang Kaysa Thwaites 2009/10
Police Slang (campus only) Tracey Crowe 2009/10
Facebook Slang (campus only) Claire Godlington 2009/10
Devonian Slang (campus only) Laura Johnson 2009/10
Housemates' Slang (campus only) Paul Richards 2009/10
MSN Slang Lauren Elmore 2008/9
Barnsley Slang Tom Green 2008/9
Abroad Slang Laura Dreissen 2008/9
Leics Uni Slang Sukhpal Mahil 2008/9
Nixon Slang (campus only) Anita Irving 2008/9
Leicester Uni Mates (campus only) Birabwa Kawooya 2008/9
University Slang (campus only) Julia Penfold 2008/9
Helsby Leicester (campus only) Kathy Waterfield 2008/9
Poker Slang (campus only) Amrike Basra 2008/9
Urban Slang (campus only) Vaughan McPherson 2008/9
Cockney Rhyming Slang Chris Cook 2007/8
Contemporary English Slang Dominic Martin 2007/8
Student Slang Ed Wilding 2007/8
Geordie Slang R. Carter 2007/8
Student Slang Robert Nottingham 2007/8
Leicester Student Slang Shazia Abid 2007/8
Horse Racing Slang S. Kitchener 2007/8
First Aid Slang Tanya Arnold 2007/8
Student Slang Vicky Lowe 2007/8
Teenage Slang 12-16 (campus only) Hazel Edwards 2007/8
Youth Football Slang (campus only) Lauren Burns 2007/8
Footy Friends Slang (campus only) R. Barker 2007/8
Girls Slang (campus only) Y. Anane 2007/8
Brackley Slang Alex Herring 2005/6
American Football Slang Ben Carter 2005/6
Student Slang 2 David Wood 2005/6
Welsh Slang Lindy Bannon 2005/6
Leicester Student Slang Louise Smith 2005/6
East Midlands Playground Slang Michelle Tointon 2005/6
Friendship Slang Nima Mistry 2005/6
Pub Slang Rachel Round 2005/6
Student Slang 3 Vicki Shepherd 2005/6
Slang (campus only) Carmen Ali 2005/6
Student Slang (campus only) David Baggs 2005/6
University Slang (campus only) Liz Drury 2005/6
Sporting Slang Jamie Arkell 2004/5
Leet (internet slang) Sanjay Matthew 2004/5
Leith Slang Lindsey Mountford 2004/5
Pro Evo Soccer Slang Daniel Hall 2004/5
Leicester Student Slang Lydia Pendino 2004/5
Northern Playground Slang Sophie Ashley 2004/5
DJ Terms (campus only) Jennifer Thompson 2004/5
Frisbee Slang (campus only) Luke Gleadall 2004/5
Punjabi Slang (campus only) Ruby Dalal 2004/5
Online Gaming Slang (campus only) Chris Brentnall 2004/5
Menstruation Slang (campus only) Steph Greenwood 2004/5

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