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Being a student of English means essays, exams and presentations; you know this and we know this. These areas of assessment are intended to challenge you in different ways and each require different approaches and techniques in order to achieve the high marks you want.

If you struggle with essay structure; worry about how to deliver an effective presentation; or you’re not too sure how to plan your revision then stop worrying. We have provided links to these study resources so that you can be better prepared when confronting your next assessment.

Do take the time to look at these. They have been designed to help you and remember that there is always room for improvement.

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The library

The University library has a ‘Subject Room’ for the School of English where you can find useful links to journal databases, online dictionaries, organisations related to the School of English and much more.


The University of Leicester is committed to making learning as accessible as possible.

The Student Development Service operates many programmes and services to help cater to your needs.

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