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The Long Road to Freedom

This online resource is the record of an exhibition held at the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland which tells the long (and ongoing) story of slavery and its opponents in Leicestershire, in Leicester and in Rutland. It features material on Susanna Watts, Elizabeth Heyrick, their struggle for the victims of slavery, and their practical help: pamphlets, publications, and the sugar boycott. Images from the archives illustrate the women's activities. The main site can be found here, with particular panels relating to Heyrick and Watts, their publication of the Hummingbird periodical, their poems, pamphlets, and petition.


Shirley Aucott, Elizabeth Heyrick 1769 to 1831: The Leicester Quaker Who Demanded the Immediate Emancipation of Slaves in the British Colonies (Leicester, 2007)

Shirley Aucott is the leading expert on the local history of the women. This is an summary of Heyrick's achievements and a thorough introduction to the lives and context of Heyrick and the wider Coltman family, with plenty of excellent reference to the primary source material and further references. An essential starting point.


Shirley Aucott, 'Susanna Watts 1768 - 1842. Author Of Leicester's First Guide, Abolitionist And Bluestocking' (Leicester, 2004).

This book is an excellent short guide to the life and works of this remarkable woman. Drawn from intensive research in the archives, this is the only full-length biography of Watts, and provides a wealth of material and further references. Second hand copies are still readily available in local bookshops and the internet.


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