Current Projects

Below are a selection of case studies showcasing the breadth and diversity of research currently being undertaken in the School of English.

Passions of WarSelf-portrait with a black eye patch of the Flemish artist Rik Wouters. KMSKA, Antwerp

Professor Phil Shaw
AHRC funded international research network


Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca c. Alex E. Proimos

Queer Diasporas

Dr Alberto Fernández Carbajal
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship: 01/09/2014

Military Men

Military Men of Feeling

Dr Holly Furneaux
AHRC Fellowship: 27/01/2014



Fulke Greville

Fulke Greville

Dr Sarah Knight
BA Fellowship: 01/01/2014)

Digital Humanities

E-Journals and the Humanities

Dr Ben Parsons
AHRC Network:15/12/2014

Constructing Scientific CommunitiesConstructing Scientific Communities

Dr Gowan Dawson
AHRC: 01/10/2013
Partners: University of Oxford, Natural History Museum, Royal College of Surgeons and The Royal Society

Evelyn WaughComplete Works of Evelyn Waugh

Professor Martin Stannard
AHRC: 01/07/2013
Partners: University of Oxford, Oxford University Press

US FlagMental Health Reform and the American Presidency

Professor Martin Halliwell
Wellcome Trust: 01/11/2011

Joe OrtonJoe Orton: 50 Years On

Dr Emma Parker

Partners: Curve Theatre, Leicester; Leicester Arts and Museums Service; Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham; Museum of Contemporary Art, London

Crime and its Representation in the Anglophone Caribbean, 1834-2018

Dr Lucy Evans

Information on funded projects which are now completed

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