Bible: The Story of the King James Version 1611-2011 was well received in many publications.

Booklist Online

October 2010: Entire books have been written on the making of the King James Version of the Bible. Campbell's scope is much bigger, though-devoting only a third of his book to the KJV's creation. In what he calls a "biography of a book," Campbell traces the version's entire history up to 2011, which will mark the 400th anniversary of what may be the most influential book in the English language. Since the King James Bible is a product of the Renaissance era, it is appropriate that its biographer is a professor of Renaissance studies (Leicester University). Even so, Campbell never seems out of his element when covering the KJV in its later historical stages. He devotes a chapter apiece to each century since the Bible's first edition and also includes a chapter on the unique aspect of the KJV's reception in America. The final third of the book highlights all of the KJV's significant revisions (e.g., NKJV) and editions (e.g., Scofield). Throughout, there is enough detail to please serious researchers but not too much to turn off those simply wanting a "good read."
  • Church of England Newsletter

7 October 2010: "a fascinating read"

  • Washington Post

8 October 2010: “gives the full sweep of the KJV's truly majestic life

  • Observer

17 October 2010: “Campbell is an academic treading a delicate line between book history and storytelling.

  • Independent on Sunday

17 October 2010: “intriguingly describes the process by which the ‘new’ translation was the work of an eminent committee of academics.”

  • The Good Book Stall

1 November 2010: 'a fascinating story'

  • BBC History Magazine

'very fine'

  • Scot McKnight's blog: Jesus Creed

1 November 2010: "a beautifully written sketch of all the issues. And it’s witty too....It gets 5 stars from me."

Michael Scott, The Plain Dealer

8 November 2010: 'the willing reader also learns much from this authoritative history of the best-known English translation of the Bible...Campbell provides a detailed account of the bibles that predated the KJV, the initial printing of this famous translation and the final establishment of the modern text in 1769'
  • New Statesman

11 November 2010: 'a beautifully crafted book' (Frank Field)

  • Lucinda Byatt, World of Words blog

23 November 2010: 'The story is well known – but Gordon Campbell retells it in vivid detail'

  • First Things

December 2010: 'a brief but thorough history'

  • Frankfort Public Library District

December 2010: ‘a vivid and authoritative history’

  • Tablet

4 December 2010: 'Campbell, an admirably clear and witty writer...' (PDF)

  • Tribune Magazine

17 December 2010: 'fascinating and unexpectedly witty book by one of our foremost Biblical scholars'

  • Independent on Sunday

26 December 2010: 'admirably scholarly and fascinating'

The Catholic Herald

7 January 2011: 'A timely book on the subject and I heartily recommend you read it...Campbell’s book does a superb job of charting the KJV’s publishing history and the debates that it has provoked.'


  • Ready Steady Blog

10 January 2011: 'excellent KJV-related title'

  • Church of England Newspaper

13 January 2011: 'excellent, authoritative and eminently readable'

  • Studies in Scripture

18 January 2011: 'Campbell does a great job throughout the book'

  • The Irish Catholic

20 January 2011: 'a highly readable account'

  • Lifetime Reading Plan blog

24 January 2011: 'Campbell's style is consistently smart and witty'

  • I Jeremiah blog

29 January 2010: 'short but substantive history'

  • GQ Magazine

February 2011: 'The history is well told' (Ed Vaizey)

  • London Review of Books

3 February 2011: 'beautiful to look at . . . written to the highest standards' (Diarmaid MacCulloch)

  • Faith and Theology blog

9 February 2011: 'a major new study'


Times Literary Supplement

9 February 2011: 'Where Campbell has the edge ... is in his account of the reception history of the KJB in the United States'


  • The Historian

11 February 2011: 'assured of a wide readership'

Englewood Review of Books

21 March 2011: If you want an expansive history of the version’s origins and influence from a deeply admiring but certainly not blind-sided author, Gordon Campbell’s book is the one to read first and to refer to often


  • 'Bill's Books' on NBC (New York)

16 April 2011: television review by Bill Goldstein

  • Baptist Standard

21 April 2011: 'includes everything you ever wanted to learn about the King James Version but didn’t know to ask'

  • The Telegraph (Calcutta, India)

22 April 2011: 'simply written and deeply researched'

  • The Financial Times

29 April 2011: 'lucid description' (John Cornwall)
  • Patheos

4 May 2011: 'delightful' (Thomas Kidd)

  • Bible-buying Guide

  • The Bridge (Anglican Diocese of Southwark)

'a highly enjoyable and informative read' (Anna Macham)
  • Review of Biblical Literature

'a good read, with a number of twists and turns' (Mark Elliott)

  • Religion and Ethics Newsweekly (PBS)

'Accessible but thorough scholarship'

  • Brigham Young University Studies

'Campbell's insights ... are exultantly displayed and judiciously handled'

  • Vulpes Libris

'an unexpectedly easy read'

  • Church History

December 2011: 'an excellent and reliable account' (Alister McGrath)
  • Review of English Studies

June 2012: 'Campbell's book is by far the best' (Stephen Prickett)
  • Karakter

No 38, 2012: 'Vierhondred jaar King JamesVersion. Het belang van een Bijbelvertaling' [review article by Wim François, in Dutch]

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