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Professor Gordon Campbell has given many talks arising from his publications on the King James Bible.

Gordon Campbell and David Crystal at Literary Leicester




16 September 2010, University of Waterloo

  • a lecture on the King James Version as English Literature

10 November 2010, Waterstone’s, 82 Gower Street, London

  • Gordon Campbell and David Crystal discussed the King James Bible.

12 November 2010, University of Leicester

  • Gordon Campbell and David Crystal discussed the King James Bible at the Literary Leicester festival of the written word in front of an audience of 400 people.

15 November 2010, Athenaeum in London

23 November 2010

  • The King James Bible Trust launched its year of activities at a reception held in the Banqueting House in Whitehall in the presence of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. Professor Campbell was informally presented to His Royal Highness.
  • A copy of Gordon Campbell’s Bible: the Story of the King James Version was given to each of the 350 invited guests; those present were also given a commemorative £2 coin minted to mark the quatercentenary. Hand-embossed copies of Gordon’s leather-bound quatercentenary edition of the King James Bible were presented to HRH and to Bacon's College, an award-winning Church of England school whose pupils have been studying the King James Version.

11 January 2011, Cambridge University Library

  • Attendance at the opening of 'Great and Manifold Blessings: the making of the King James Bible' as the guest of the Librarian

26 January 2011, BBC Centre, Bristol

  • A talk to faith producers and presenters

1 February 2011, Leicester Cathedral

  • A talk at Heretics Anonymous (Leicester Cathedral).

7 March 2011, Clarence House

  • Gordon Campbell attended a reception for the King James Bible Trust at Clarence House, and was presented to HRH the Prince of Wales.

22 March 2011, Gray's Inn, London

  • A talk at a words and music event at Gray's Inn.

24 - 25 March 2011, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Lessius University College (Antwerp)

29 March 2011, Exeter Cathedral

30 March 2011, University of Plymouth

31 March 2011, Lichfield Cathedral

  • A lecture at Lichfield Cathedral on 'the Making of the KJV, 1604-1611'.

4 April 2011, Florida State University in Tallahassee

  • A lecture at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

7 - 9 April 2011, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

13 April 2011, Oklahoma State University in Stillwater

15 April 2011, Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan

18 April 2011, University of Iowa in Iowa City

  • The Spalding Lecture at University of Iowa

20 - 21 April 2011, Purdue University, West Lafayette (Indiana)

  • A lecture on ‘The King James Bible: Listening and Reading’.

26 April 2011, St Louis University (Missouri)

2 May 2011, Harvard Club, New York City

4 May 2011, Trinity Episcopal Church, Roslyn, Long Island

5 - 7 May 2011, Ohio State University

12 May 2011, University of Aberdeen

  • Public lecture on ‘The King James Bible as Literature’.

19 May 2011, Winchester Cathedral

20 May 2011, Balsall and Berkswell

  • A talk to Churches Together in Balsall and Berkswell.

23 May 2011, Godolphin and Latymer School in Hammersmith

25 May 2011, Oxford University Press

  • An Author Talk at Oxford University Press.

25 - 28 May 2011, University of Sheffield

  • Biblical Literacy and the Curriculum – four-day conference featuring keynote speeches by Gordon Campbell, Andrew Motion, Yvonne Sherwood and Frank Field. Gordon Campbell’s talk, 'Putting Words in our Mouths: The King James Bible and the English Language' was the 2011 Sir Henry Stephenson Lecture, and was delivered in Sheffield Cathedral on the evening of Friday 27 May.

1 June 2011, University of the Third Age

  • A talk at University of the Third Age in Odiham (Hampshire).

8 June 2011, Wrexham Public Library

  • A lecture at Wrexham Public Library on 'The King James Bible as Literature'.

10 June 2011, Althorp, Northamptonshire

  • A lecture at the Althorp Literary Festival

10 June 2011, Market Harborough Congregational Church

  • A lecture for Churches Together

16 - 17 June 2011, Université de Strasbourg

  • A plenary lecture at a conference on La Bible de 1611 : Sources, écritures & influences.

25 June 2011, University of Oxford

  • A lecture at the Centre for the Reception History of the Bible at University of Oxford.

Gordon Campbell signing a copy of Bible: The Story of the King James Version

26 June 2011, Elton Hall

  • Attendance at opening of 'Store of Heavenly Learning' exhibition as the guest of Sir William and Lady Proby

7 - 9 July 2011, University of York

26 July 2011, Madingley Hall, Cambridge

  • A talk to Fellows of the English Association

9 August 2011

  • a talk in Oklahoma City at an exhibition of the Green Collection of Bibles.

18 August 2011

  • a lecture at the Precious Light Exhibition, City Art Centre, Edinburgh

8 September 2011, Norwich Cathedral

19 - 20 September 2011, University of Calgary

  • Two lectures (one town and one gown) as the 2011 Bentall Lecturer in Christian Theology at University of Calgary

5 October 2011, Strathclyde University, Glasgow

13-14 October 2011, Princeton University

  • Keynote lecture at conference on King James Bible

21 October 2011, Belfast Festival

  • On-stage interview conducted by William Crawley

22 October 2011, Birmingham and Midlands Institute

  • Leading discussion on 'Milton and the KJV' at British Milton Seminar

23 October 2011, Ely Cathedral

26 October 2011, Wyvern Probus Club, Leicester

29 October 2011, Faith Literary Festival

  • An on-stage discussion with David Crystal at the Faith Literary Festival in Bloxham.

1 November 2011, Oakham School

  • A talk at the Literary Society.

5 - 6 November 2011, Sofia University, Bulgaria

  • A talk on 'Translating the Bible: the King James Version' at a conference on 'Peregrinations of the Text: Reading, Translating, Rewriting'.

9 November 2011, University of Leicester Women's Club

10 November 2011, University of Leicester

  • Seminar in Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies

11 November 2011, Historical Association, Swansea

16 November 2011, Westminster Abbey

  • Attendance as a guest of the King James Bible Trust at a service of celebration in the presence of HM the Queen

16 November 2011, University of Notre Dame London Centre

  • A talk to staff, students and alumni

19 November 2011, University of Fribourg

  • A talk to the Swiss Branch of the Oxford University Society

25 November 2011, Stowe School

  • A talk to the Literary Society

30 November 2011, Bedford School

  • A talk to the Historical Association, Bedford

8 February 2012, Bristol Cathedral

15 February 2012, Rutland Historical Society

28 February 2012, Atlanta (Georgia)

  • A talk at an exhibition of the Green Collection of Bibles.

1 March 2012, the Vatican

  • A talk at the Pontifical Biblical Institute.

13 March 2012, Westminster Abbey

  • King James Bible Trust reception in the Jerusalem Chamber.

24 March 2012, Devonshire Place, Leicester

  • A talk to the Leicestershire and Rutland Branch of the Oxford University Society

18 September 2012, Charlotte, North Carolina

  • A talk at an exhibition of the Green Collection of Bibles

11 October 2012, Oadby United Reform Church

  • A talk to a pensioners' group

29 October 2012, De Montfort University

  • A talk to the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society

24-25 November 2012, Enclos Rey, Paris (Les Petites Sœurs de l'Assomption)

  • A talk to the Association Française des Amis de Newman

5 February 2013, Aligarh Muslim University

  • A talk to the Department of English

4 June 2013, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • A talk at an exhibition of the Green Collection of Bibles

20 June 2013, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

  • Talk at 'Logos in Oxford' on 'Text, translation and language choice in the King James Bible'

23 October 2013, Jerusalem

  • Talk at opening of Verbum Domini exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum

28 October 2013, University of Leicester

  • Talk at Early Modern Seminar

11 December 2013, Queen Mary University of London

  • Talk at Early Modern Seminar

10 June 2014, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

  • Talk at 'Logos in Oxford' on 'Text, translation and language choice in the King James Bible'

19 November 2014, Loughborough

  • A talk to Charnwood U3A History Group

9 December 2014, Springfield (Missouri)

  • A talk at an exhibition of the Green Collection of Bibles.

8 May 2015, Loughborough

  • A talk to Loughborough U3A Philosophy and Comparative Religion Group

2 June 2015, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

  • Talk at 'Logos at St Hugh's College, Oxford' on 'Text, translation and language choice in the King James Bible'

24 November 2015, Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de la Renaissance, Tours

  • Lecture 'Fides ex auditu: hearing and reading the Bible'

10 June 2016, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

  • Talk at Logos with Helen Moore at St Hugh's College, Oxford ,on the King James Bible

12 April 2017, Charnwood College

  • lecture to U3A

22-25 May 2017, Institute for Advanced Studies, Jerusalem

  • Paper at conference on 'The Bible in the Renaissance'

12 June 2017, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

  • Talk at Logos at St Hugh's College, Oxford' on the King James Bible

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