Dons, Yardies and Posses: Representations of Jamaican Organised Crime

‘Dons, Yardies and Posses: Representations of Jamaican Organised Crime’ is an international and interdisciplinary research network funded by the AHRC as part of the RCUK cross-council theme of transnational organised crime. The principal investigator is Dr Lucy Evans, School of Arts, University of Leicester, the co-investigator is Professor Rivke Jaffe, Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam, and the network administrator is Kelsyn Delaney, School of Arts, University of Leicester.

Bringing together researchers and creative practitioners from the Caribbean, Europe and North America, the project focuses on the ways in which Jamaican organised crime has been depicted in literary writing, visual art, popular music, film and the media. We will consider the relationship of these representations to public policy and debates in the social sciences.

Networking activities will consist of three two-day workshops in Kingston, Amsterdam and Leicester over the course of two years (2017-2019). Each workshop will incorporate a public-facing event relevant to the workshop theme involving writers, visual artists and a filmmaker.

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