Dickens Research at Leicester

Dream (size adjusted)
'Dickens's Dream', an unfinished painting by the artist Robert W. Buss. Image: Charles Dickens Museum

The life and works of Charles Dickens are the subject of several research projects currently being undertaken by both staff and postgraduate students in the School of English at the University of Leicester.

ForsterHolly Furneaux is the author of Queer Dickens: Erotics, Families, Masculinities (Oxford University Press, 2009), and a co-editor of Charles Dickens in Context (Cambridge University Press, 2011). Holly has recently finished editing the Sterling Signature edition of John Forster’s definitive biography The Life of Charles Dickens, an abridged and illustrated version of Forster’s original book. Holly was also a contributor to the Dickens 200 blog, hosted by Cambridge University Press.

Current postgraduate research projects related to Charles Dickens include:

Ruth Ashton

Disabled Domesticity: Disabled Women in Nineteenth-century Literature

Ruth’s thesis focuses on representations of disabled women in the literature of Charles Dickens, amongst others.

Jonathan Potter

‘Speaking to the Eye’: Literary Engagements with the Visual, 1840-80

Jonathan is researching the ways in which literature engaged with visual concerns, conceptions, and technologies in the Victorian period.

Kris Siefken

Identity, Place and the Other in Dickens

Kris is a writer and doctoral candidate based at the University of Leicester. His research examines the interplay of place, spatial environment and sense of self that Dickens presents in his works, and specifically it looks at the effects of what happens when this connection is disrupted or destroyed.

Past postgraduate research projects related to Charles Dickens included:

Catherine Malcolmson

Constructing Charles Dickens 1900-1940

Catherine completed a collaborative research project with the Charles Dickens Museum.

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