Dickens at Leicester

Dickens Watkins Photograph
Charles Dickens, photographed by George Herbert Watkins 1861. Charles Dickens Museum

The Victorian Studies Centre at the University of Leicester has a long tradition of Dickens scholarship, supported by rich archival holdings and a lively programme of academic and public events focused upon the author. We were especially active in this area in the run-up to the Bicentenary of Dickens’s birth, and the University was a partner in the Dickens 2012 project. Since 2006 the Victorian Studies Centre has co-organised the annual 'Dickens Day', in partnership with Birkbeck College, London, and the Dickens Fellowship. More recently the centre have been working in partnership with Dickens Journals Online. Last year's blog project focussed on A Tale of Two Cities. Read more about our public activities below.

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