Shazia Jagot

PhD research


My research investigates the translation and transmission of Arabic scientific and philosophical works into Latin from the tenth to the twelfth century and their influence within the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, focusing on authorities from the Near and Middle East: Ali ibn Husayn ibn Abd Allah ibn Sina (Avicenna) Ibn al-Abbas al-Majusi (Haly Abbas) Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariyya ar-Razi (Rhazes) and the Andalusian philosopher and jurist, Abu al-Walid ibn Muhammad ibn Rushd (Averroes). 
My primary focus is the medical and scientific works of these scholars, Avicenna’s Qan’un fi al-tibb and al-Shif’a, ar-Razi’s al-Hawi, al-Majusi’s Kitab Kamil as-Sina'a at-Tibbiyya and Ibn Rushd’s Kulliyat and their Latin translations with a particular focus on the diagnosis of love as a cerebral illness. 

From this my research explores the influence of these Graeco-Arabic works upon the conception and treatment of love in Medieval European Literature and more specifically within the works of Geoffrey Chaucer. 

Further to this, my research also investigates Arabic works written on alchemy and astronomy and their treatment within the works of Chaucer and
the attitude toward Islam, the Qur’an and fourteenth-century Crusades within The Canterbury Tales.



 Dr Anne Marie D'Arcy




Conference papers

'Chaucer, the Arabic sources of Scholasticism and Santa Maria Novella' Chaucer and Celebrity, The Fourth London Chaucer Conference, April 2011. 

 'Usama ibn Munqidh and the Crusades' My Territory, University of Leicester, April 2010


Awards and scholarships

CBRL (Council of British Research in the Levant), Visiting Research Scholarship, 2011-12

Fee Waiver Scholarship, School of English, 2009


Professional memberships


TIMA: The Islamic Manuscript Association



EN2010: Chaucer 

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