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everett, nicholas

Lecturer in English and American Studies

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Personal details

BA (Oxford)

I specialise in American poetry and have written about a number of American poets including:

  • Walt Whitman
  • John Berryman
  • John Ashbery
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • A.R. Ammons
  • Robinson Jeffers
  • Edna St Vincent Millay
  • Dave Smith


  • Essay-review on John Berryman, The Dream Songs and Collected Poems; Frederick Seidel, Poems 1959-1979 and These Days; and Robert Crawford, A Scottish Assembly – London Review of Books, 27 September 1990, pp.22-3 (4,000 words)
  • Profile and review of Paul Muldoon, Madoc – A Mystery – Harpers & Queen, November 1990 (1,000 words)
  • Review of Carol Shields, Happenstance – Harpers & Queen, March 1991 (500 words)
  • Essay-review on Derek Walcott, Omeros; Norman MacCaig, Collected Poems; Brad Leithauser, The Mail from Anywhere; and Matt Simpson, An Elegy for the Galosherman – London Review of Books, 11 July 1991, pp.22-3 (4,000 words)
  • Review of Kevin Stratford, Songs of the Adept: Selected Writings – Times Literary Supplement, 30 August 1991, p.22 (750 words)
  • Review of Kenneth Koch, Selected Poems – T.L.S., 13 December 1991, p.10 (1,000 words)
  • Review of John Ash, The Burnt Pages – T.L.S., 7 February 1992, p.19 (700 words)
  • Review of A.R. Ammons, The Really Short Poems of A.R. Ammons – T.L.S., 14 February 1992, p.25 (250 words)
  • Review of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Selected Poems – T.L.S., 21 August 1992, p.19 (1,000 words)
  • Review of Julie O’Callaghan, What’s What – T.L.S., 20 November 1992, p.27 (250 words)
  • Review of John Ashbery, Hotel Lautreamont – T.L.S., 12 February 1993, p.10 (750 words)
  • Review of Dave Smith, Night Pleasures: New and Selected Poems – T.L.S., 30 April 1993, p.23 (750 words)
  • Essay-review on Jonathan Aaron, Corridor; Debra Allbery, Walking Distance; and Lloyd Schwartz, Goodnight, Gracie – T.L.S., 27 August 1993, pp. 10-11 (3,000 words)
  • Entries for the Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry (ed. Ian Hamilton, February 1994) on the Agrarians, Stephen Vincent Benet, the Black Mountain poets, R.P. Blackmur, Kenneth Burke, Robert Creeley, E.E. Cummings, The Fugitive, Donald Hall, The Hound & Horn, Archibald MacLeish, Charles Olson, Origin, Partisan Review, Poetry (Chicago), Edwin Arlington Robinson, Allen Tate, Traditional Forms and Yvor Winters (total approx. 6,000 words)
  • Essay on “Language and Power in William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying” – Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Fulbright Conference on American Literature and Culture (Poznan, Poland), April 1994, pp.103-107 (3,700 words)
  • Essay on “Ashbery’s Humour” – P.N. Review 99, September – October 1994, vol.21, no.1, pp. 44-45 (2,000 words)
  • Essay-review on Robinson Jeffers, Collected Poetry, 3 vols. – T.L.S., 25 November 1994, pp. 10-11 (2,500 words)
  • Review of Allen Ginsberg, Cosmopolitan Greetings – T.L.S., 10 February 1995, p. 22 (1,000 words)
  • Review of A.R. Ammons, Garbage – T.L.S., 15 September 1995, p. 25 (600 words)
  • Essay on “Autobiography as Prophecy: Walt Whitman’s ‘Specimen Days’” – Chapter 13 of Mortal Pages, Literary Lives: Studies in Nineteenth-Century Autobiography, edited by Vincent Newey and Philip Shaw (Scolar Press, 1996), pp.217-34 (8,000 words)
  • Catalogue Essay for ‘Land and Sea’, Exhibition of Landscape Painting by Jeffrey Blondes, David Findlay Jr Galleries, New York City (October, 2002)
  • Essay on “Creative Writing and English”, The Cambridge Quarterly (2005), vol 34, no 3, pp.231-242 (5,000 words)Introduction to Mark Ford, A Driftwood Altar: Essays and Reviews (2005), pp.13-18 (2,000 words)


I'm interested in the history and development of poetry, and particularly the forms and genres of poetry since the mid-nineteenth century.


I have supervised postgraduate dissertations on:

  • Modern and contemporary women’s poetry
  • The work of Henry David Thoreau
  • Writings of John Berger
  • Poetry of R.S. Thomas
  • Poetry of Hart Crane
  • The fiction of Paul Auster
  • The Rabbit books of John Updike
  • The long poems of Derek Walcott

I would be keen to supervise dissertations in the following areas:

  • American poetry, 1850 to the present
  • British poetry, 1850 to the present
  • Contemporary poetry, mainstream and/or experimental
  • Any aspect of poetic form, metre or genre
  • Any aspect of autobiography in English, post-1800

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