Selected interviews and broadcasts (since 2011)

  • interview on Vikings in Norse America with Spencer Mizen for BBC History Extra Podcast (3 March 2021)
  • radio interview on Renaissance History with Patrick Geoghegan on 'Talking History', broadcast on Newstalk (Dublin) on 15 December 2019
  • television broadcast on ornamental hermits (French version, 'L'inconnu du parc de Painshill'; German version, 'Der Unbekannte von Painshill Park'), filmed at Painshill for 'Invitation au Voyage', a daily programme on the French-German channel ARTE (2 August 2019)
  • television interview on the history of Christianity by Norman Mintle for Trinity Broadcasting Network (10 June 2019)
  • interview on literary depictions of Hell with Mark Mardell on The World This Weekend for BBC Radio 4 (10 February 2019)
  • interview on Movember with Ady Dayman for BBC Radio Leicester (3 December 2018)
  • interview on the History of University of Leicester with Dave Andrews for BBC Radio Leicester (28 October 2018)
  • video interview with Jameela Lares for Milton and Mississippi (10 October 2018)
  • video discussion (40 minutes) with Helen Moore about early Bibles in the library of Wadham College Oxford (13 February 2018)
  • television interview on British universities with Josh Krook for an Australian documentary (1 February 2018)
  • interview with Joe Christmas ('From the East Midlands to the Middle East') for British Academy Review 31 (Autumn 2017), pp. 46-47
  • interview on pater noster with Amy Woodfield  for BBC East Midlands 14 December 2017)
  • television interview with Shihab Rattansi for Al Jazeera on representation of Islam at Museum of the Bible (15 November 2017)
  • radio interview with Eben Fowler for BOTT radio (15 November 2017)
  • television interview with Lauren Green on Museum of the Bible for Fox News (14 November 2017)
  • interview with Agence France-Presse on Museum of the Bible (14 November 2017)
  • interview with Le Point (the French political and news magazine) on Museum of the Bible (13 November 2017)
  • interview with Michelle Boorstein for Washington Post on Museum of the Bible (13 November 2017)
  • several interviews with Washington Post on aspects of Museum of the Bible (9 November 2017)
  • interview with Josh Shepherd on Museum of the Bible for The Federalist (7 November 2017)
  • interview with Jeffrey Brown on Museum of the Bible with PBS News Hour (7 November 2017, broadcast 17 November))
  • video interview with Smith Group on architecture of on Museum of the Bible (2 November 2017), interwoven with remarks by colleagues in six short videos: Adapting a Historic Building into a Modern MuseumA New Model for Museum Construction ProjectsAchieving a Complex and Ambitious Museum in Record TimeDesigning for the Future of MuseumsCreating a Deeper Visitor ExperienceInspiring Visitors with Evocative Architecture
  • interview on Museum of the Bible with Associated Press (30 October)
  • interview on Museum of the Bible on HIS Radio (24 October 2017)
  • interview on Museum of the Bible with Allen Able for Maclean's Magazine (19 October 2017)
  • television interview on Museum of the Bible with CBS (Oklahoma City)
  • interview on Museum of the Bible by ARD German Radio (17 October 2017)
  • participation in press conference at Museum of the Bible (17 October 2017); remarks widely quoted
  • Interview on the history of garden gnomes with Andy Twigge on BBC Radio Derby (20 April 2017)
  • Interview on spelling with Jim Davis on BBC Radio Leicester (28 November 2016)
  • Interview on Geneva Bible with Sarah Larimer for Washington Post (12 October 2016)
  • Interview on Sir Terry Wogan with Rob Watson on BBC Radio Leicester (6 February 2016)
  • Broadcast on Sir Terry Wogan for Radio 4's 'Last Word' (5 February 2016)
  • Interview on Sir Terry Wogan with Jim Davis on BBC Radio Leicester (1 February 2016)
  • Interview on the Wicked Bible (1631) with William Crawley for Radio 4's 'Sunday' (25 October 2015)
  • Interview with Jo Hayward on the pater noster lift (BBC Radio Leicester) 22 June 2015
  • televised eulogy for Richard III at service of reinterment (26March 2015)
  • Interview with Jon Snow on 'Richard III: the reburial' (Channel 4) 26 March 2015
  • Interview on Richard III with Stephen Nolan on Radio 5 Live (22 March 2015)
  • Interview on the Wicked Bible (1631) with Mark Forrest on 39 BBC local radio stations in England and the Channel Islands (14 January 2015)
  • Interview on ornamental hermits with Eric Robson for Radio 4's 'Gardeners' Question Time' (28 December 2014, minutes 27-33)
  • Interview on Museum of the Bible with Ricky Ross on BBC Scotland (2 November 2014)
  • Interview on Museum of the Bible with Graham Wright on BBC Radio Leicester (2 November 2014)
  • Interview on Museum of the Bible with William Crawley for Radio 4's 'Sunday' (26 October 2014)
  • Interview on Museum of the Bible with Victoria Gibbens on United Christian Broadcasting (21 October 2014)
  • Interview with Ben Jackson on BBC Radio Leicester for news item on Museum of the Bible (17 October 2014)
  • Interview with Michelle Boorstein for feature on the Museum of the Bible in the Washington Post (September 2014)
  • Interview with Dave Smith in Exeter Cathedral, filmed for Museum of the Bible, Washington DC (2 September 2014)
  • Interview with Mark Byrnes (on hermits) for The Atlantic's City Lab (July 2014)
  • Broadcast with Carmen Devito and Alice Marcus Krieg on 'We dig Plants: Episode 128' on Heritage Radio Network (3 February 2014)
  • Interview with Andy Wright for Modern Farmer (February 2014)
  • Interview with Eve Kahn for antiques column in New York Times (31 May 2013)
  • Interview with Alice Gregory for feature on garden hermits in Boston Globe (published 19 May 2013)
  • OUP video 'The curious phenomenon of the ornamental hermit' (7 March 2013)
  • OUP video 'On the cultural decline of the hermit'  (7 March 2013)
  • OUP video 'The hermit in residence at the house of Gilbert White' (7 March 2013)
  • Biographical interview 'As a Matter of Fact: Gordon Campbell in Conversation with Joseph Shub', The European Legacy 17 (2012), pp. 213-232
  • 'Interview with Prof. Gordon Campbell', Glad Times 9 no. 4, December 2012  (GLA University, Mathura, India), pp. 14-21
  • 30-minute interview with Mary Hynes for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's 'Tapestry' Programme (28 September 2011)
  • Interview by Tom Ashbrook for 'On Point', a National Public Radio programme (June 2011)
  • Broadcast with Adam Nicolson for BBC2 and BBC4 programme on King James Bible (June 2011)
  • Interview by Barbara Bradley Hagerty for a National Public Radio programme on the King James Bible broadcast across America on 18 April 2011.
  • Video interview with Greg Clarke, Bible Society Australia (March 2011)
  • OUP video on edition of 1611 Bible (17 February 2011)
  • 30-minute interview with ‘the Book Show’, hosted by Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina on WAMC Northeast Public Radio, broadcast in February 2011 on more than 100 stations in the region.
  • Broadcast with James Naughtie for three-part series on the King James Bible, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in January 2011
  • 23 interviews at 10-minute intervals broadcast to BBC local radio stations (Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Coventry and Warwickshire, Devon, Gloucestershire, Guernsey, Humberside, Jersey, Kent, Leeds, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottingham, Sheffield and South Yorkshire, Shropshire, Solent, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Tees, Three Counties Radio, York and North Yorkshire).on Bible translators associated with each local region. On the same day I also did related pieces for BBC Radio Ulster and BBC Radio Leicester (9 January 2011)
  • Interview with Eddie Mair on King James Bible Special for World Service, broadcast 1 January 2011
  • Interviews with John Florance for three-part series on BBC radio Leicester (January 2011)

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