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(author), Norse America: the story of a founding myth (Oxford University Press. 2021), xix + 247 pp; also available as an e-book.

(editor), The Oxford Illustrated History of the Renaissance (OUP,  2019), viii + 488 pp; also available as an e-book. A Chinese translation to be published by the Dook Media Group is in progress.

(author), A Short History of Gardens (Oxford University Press, 2016), ix + 208 pp. plus 8-page colour insert; also available as an e-book. Republished in February 2019, in a revised and shortened form, as Garden History: A Very Short Introduction, xviii + 148 pp., which is also available in a Kindle edition. The VSI is being translated into Chinese, and will be published in bilingual print and electronic editions by Yilin Press.

(author) The Hermit in the Garden: from Imperial Rome to Ornamental Gnome (Oxford University Press, 2013; paperback, 2014), xviii + 255 pp, plus 8-page colour insert; also available as an e-book.

(author) Bible: the Story of the King James Version 1611-2011 (Oxford University Press, 2010), xiii+354 pp. Paperback published 2011; available on Oxford Scholarship Online, as an e-book and as an audio book read by Julian Elfer)

(editor) The Holy Bible: Quatercentenary Edition (Oxford University Press, 2010), 1520 pp.; also available as an e-book.

(editor) Grove Encyclopedia of Northern Renaissance Art (3 vols, Oxford University Press, 2009) Vol 1: xxviii + 710 pp +16 pp colour insert; vol 2, xlii + 742 pp + 16 pp. colour insert; Vol 3: xlii + 700pp + 16 pp. colour insert; also published as an Oxford Reference e-book.

(editor), John Milton, Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained (Random House, Vintage Classics series, London, 2009), 384 pp; also published as an e-book

(editor) Ben Jonson, The Alchemist and other Plays, Oxford University Press, 2008, xxviii + 530 pp; hardback edition 1995; published as an e-book by Questia (2001). Text of Volpone re-used in Oxford Student Texts edition, ed. Richard Willmott (OUP, 2012), 314 pp.; text of The Alchemist re-used in Oxford Student Texts edition, ed. Richard Willmott (OUP, 2015), 320 pp

(co-author with Thomas Corns), John Milton: Life, Work and Thought (Oxford University Press, 2008), xvi + 476 pp. [winner of the Hanford Prize for the best monograph of the year]. Paperback published 2010; also available as an e-book.. A Chinese translation to be published by Zhejiang University Press is in production.

(editor) Grove Encyclopedia of Classical Art and Architecture (2 vols, Oxford University Press, 2007) Vol 1: xlvi + 674pp + 16-page colour insert; Vol 2: viii + 808pp + 16-page colour insert; also published as an Oxford Reference e-book [Booklist Editor's Choice 2007; Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2007; Library Journal Best Reference 2007]

(author), John Milton (VIP Collection, Oxford University Press, 2007), 96pp

(co-author with Thomas Corns, John Hale and Fiona Tweedie), Milton and the manuscript of ‘De Doctrina Christiana’ (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2007), 240 pp, 5 halftones, 10 figures, 3 tables; also published on Oxford Scholarship Online and as a Kindle edition [winner of the Hanford Prize for the best monograph of the year]

(editor and part-author) Grove Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts (2 vols, Oxford University Press, 2006). Vol 1: xxxvi + 556pp + 16-page colour insert; Vol 2: x + 646pp + 16-page colour insert; also published as an Oxford Reference e-book [Library Journal Best Reference 2006; Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2007]

(author) Renaissance Art and Architecture, Oxford University Press, 2004, xl + 320 pp.

(author) The Oxford Dictionary of the Renaissance, Oxford University Press, 2003, xlviii + 863 pp; also published as an Oxford Reference e-book

(author) A Milton Chronology, Macmillan, 1997, xii + 255 pp

(editor) Andrew Marvell, Selected Poems, Everyman, 1997, xvi + 111 pp.

(editor) second edition of W. R. Parker, Milton: A Biography, Oxford University Press, 1996, 2 vols (vol 1, The Life; vol 2, A Biographical Commentary), xxiv + 1539 pp. Vol 1 published as an e-book by Questia

(editor) John Milton, Selected Poems, Everyman, 1996, xix + 104 pp.

(anonymous editor), Milton: Poems (Everyman's Library Pocket Poets, 1996), 256 pp.

(editor and translator, with N. M. Postlethwaite), Edward King, Milton's "Lycidas": Poems and Documents, special issue of Milton Quarterly (vol. 28, no. 4, December 1994)

(anonymous editor), Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, trans Bruce Penman, Everyman, 1992, 144 pp.

(editor) John Milton, Complete English Poems, Of Education, Areopagitica (J. M. Dent and Sons, 1990, xxxiii + 620 pp); regularly reprinted to 2013 [Fourth Everyman Milton, with new text]

(editor) The Renaissance (1550 - 1660), Macmillan Anthologies of English Literature, Volume 2), xxvii + 415 pp., London, 1989; published in USA as St Martin's Anthologies of English Literature, 1990.

(editor) John Milton, The Complete Poems, J. M. Dent and Sons, 1980, pp. i - xxxiii, 481 - 606; reprinted 1986, 1989 [Third Everyman Milton, with translations of the Latin, Greek and Italian poems].


Journals and series

(general editor with Thomas Corns), The Complete Works of John Milton (Oxford University Press, in progress, 13 volumes).

  1. Paradise Lost, ed. Thomas Corms and David Loewenstein (forthcoming)
  2. The 1671 Poems: ‘Paradise Regain’d’ and ‘Samson Agonistes’, ed. Laura Knoppers (2008), civ + 170 pp.; available as an OSEO edition and as a Kindle edition
  3. The Shorter Poems, ed. Barbara Lewalski and Estelle Haan (2012), clxxvi + 632 pp.; available as an OSEO edition
  4. Tracts on Church Government and Toleration, ed. Nicholas van Maltzahn (forthcoming)
  5. The Divorce Tracts, ed. Sharon Achinstein (forthcoming)
  6. Vernacular Regicide and Republican Writings, volume editor N.H. Keeble, contributing editors Nicholas McDowell and N.H. Keeble (2013), xx + 811 pp.; available in an OSEO edition
  7. Latin Defences, ed. Joad Raymond (forthcoming)
  8. De Doctrina Christiana, ed. John K. Hale and J. Donald Cullington, with additional material by Gordon Campbell and Thomas Corns (2012), xc +1263 pp. Both volumes are available in an OSEO edition: volume 1 and volume 2
  9. Educational Writings, ed Nigel Smith, comprising Accedence Commenc't Grammar, ed. Linda Mitchell; Ars Logicae, ed. Jameela Lares; Of Education, ed. Timothy Raylor (forthcoming)
  10. The Histories, ed. Martin Dzelzainis (forthcoming)
  11. Manuscript Writings, ed. William Poole (2019), xiv + 473 pp.
  12. State Papers, ed Edward Jones (forthcoming)
  13. Epistolae Familiares and Prolusions, ed. Sarah Knight (forthcoming)

general editor) The Review of English Studies, Clarendon Press, Oxford, vols 48 (1997) to 60 (2009); from 2003 published five times a year

(series editor) Essays and Studies (Boydell and Brewer), vols 49-53.

(founding editor) Renaissance Studies (Oxford University Press) vols. 1 (1987) to 10 (1996).

(contributing editor), Bibliographie internationale de l'Humanisme et de la Renaissance vols. 13 (1982 for 1977) to 17 (1985 for 1981); I contributed c. 3500 entries from c. 250 journals.

(editor) Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies, vols. 1 - 4 (1983 - 86); chairman of editorial board, 1987 - 1990.

(business manager) French History, Oxford University Press, vols 1 (1987) to 5 (1991)

(editor) The Year's Work in English Studies, Blackwell, 70 (1991 for 1989), 71 (1993 for 1990); co-editor 69 (1991 for 1988).

Advisory and Consultant Editorships

(consulting editor) Al-Barkaat Journal of Finance & Management (2012-present)

(member, advisory board), Oxford Complete Works of Fulke Greville (2011-present)

(member, editorial board) Oxford Scholarly Editions Online (2010-18)

(member, Board of Advisers), Atlantis (2005-2014)

(member, editorial board), Renaissance Studies (1996-2010)

(editorial adviser) Blackwell Anthologies (1995-present)

(member, Advisory Board) Sederi: Yearbook of the Spanish and Portuguese Society for English Renaissance Studies (1994-present)

(senior advisory editor) Early Modern Literary Studies (1994-2013)

(member, Board of Advisors) Milton Quarterly (1993-present)

(editorial associate) South African Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies (1992-present)

(member, Editorial Board), Milton Encyclopedia, ed. Thomas Corns (Yale University Press, 2012)

(consultant editor) Oxford Chronology of English Literature, ed. Michael Cox (Oxford, 2002)

(adviser) Oxford Companion to English Literature, sixth edition, ed. Margaret Drabble (Oxford, 2000).

(consultant editor) Everyman's Library (1991-96)

Milton (articles, chapters, contributions, notes, pamphlets)

'Milton and the Performing Arts', in The Puritan Literary Tradition, ed. Johanna Harris and Alison Searle (OUP, forthcoming 2021)

From Ritualist to Radical: the theology of Milton (Dr Williams's Library, London, forthcoming) [annual lecture]

'Through a glass darkly: Milton and Islam', in Bridging the Divide: Essays on Language and Literature, and Islamic Studies: A Commemorative Volume on the 60th Birthday of Professor Abdur Raheem Kidwai, ed Faiza Abbasi and Sujan Mondal (Viva Books, New Delhi, 2017), pp. 3-18

'Epilogue: Multilingual and Multicultural Milton', in Milton in Translation, ed. Angelica Duran, Islam Issa and Jonathan Olson (OUP, 2017), pp 493-497

(contributing editor, with Thomas N. Corns) De Doctrina Christiana, ed. John K. Hale and J. Donald Cullington, volume 8 of The Complete Works of John Milton (Oxford University Press, 2012), xc +1263 pp.

Five entries in The Milton Encyclopedia, ed. Thomas Corns (Yale UP, 2012): God, God the Father, God the Son, Holy Spirit, Trinity

(with Thomas Corns), ‘Milton and his Biographers’, in John Milton: Life, Writing, Reputation, ed. Paul Hammond and Blair Worden (Oxford University Press for the British Academy, 2010), pp. 187-202

‘Godly Reflections’, in After Satan: Essays in Honour of Neil Forsyth, ed. Kirsten Stirling and Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère (Cambridge Scholars, 2010), pp. 108-113.

'Rethinking the Life of Milton', in Transactions of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society 104 (2010), pp. 14-16

(with Thomas Corns), ‘De Doctrina Christiana: An England that might have been’, in The Oxford Handbook of Milton, ed. Nicholas McDowell and Nigel Smith (Oxford University Press, 2009), pp. 424-35; paperback published 2011 [winner of the Irene Samuel Prize for the best edited collection of the year]

‘”Salmoni in entrambi”: riflessioni piscatorie sulle fonti di Milton’, in Il Paradise Lost di John Milton e il tema della caduta nella tradizione letteraria italiana: da Fiambattista Andreini a Serafino della Salandra, ed. Flavio Giacomantonio (Pisa and Rome, 2009), pp. 39-46; English version (‘”Salmons in both”: piscatorial reflections on Milton’s sources’), pp. 157-164

(with Thomas Corns) ‘John Milton and his money’, <>, 9 December 2008

'Milton at Christ's College', in Friends of Christ's College Old Library Newsletter 8 (2008), pp. 1-2

‘”To the shore of Tripoli”: Milton, Islam, and the attacks on America and Spain’, in Fundamentalism and Literature, ed. Catherine Pesso-Miquel and Klaus Stierstorfer (Palgrave, 2007), pp. 7-19

Ten entries in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004):

  • John Milton (38, 333-49); revised in on-line edition, 2009
  • Charles Diodati (16, 252)
  • Alexander Gil the Elder (22, 154-55); revised in on-line edition, 2020
  • Alexander Gil the Younger (22, 155-56); revised in on-line edition, 2020
  • Edward King (31, 611-13); revised in on-line edition, 2007
  • Sir Christopher Milton (38, 331-32); revised in on-line edition, 2008
  • John Milton the Elder (38, 332-33); revised in on-line edition, 2009
  • Edward Phillips (44, 106-09); revised in on-line edition, 2008
  • John Phillips (44, 117-19); revised in on-line edition, 2008
  • Nathaniel Tovey (55, 99); revised in on-line edition, 2008

‘Milton and the water supply of Cambridge’, in Essays for Alexander Shurbanov, ed. B Sokalova and E Pancheva (Sofia, 2001), pp. 38-43, reprinted in revised form in South African Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies 15 (2006 for 2005), 121-26.

‘The Life Records’, in A Companion to Milton, ed. Thomas Corns (Blackwell, 2001), pp. 483-98; also published as an e-book.

'Shakespeare and the Youth of Milton', in Milton Quarterly 33 (1999), pp. 95-105; reprinted in Seventy Years of English and American Studies in Bulgaria, ed. Zelma Catalan et al (Sofia, 2000), pp. 170-79.

'Milton in Madras', in Milton Quarterly 31 (1997). pp. 61-3.

(with T. N. Corns, F. J. Tweedie, J. K. Hale and D. I. Holmes), 'The Provenance of De Doctrina Christiana', in Milton Quarterly 31 (1997), 67-121 (an earlier version was published electronically as ‘Milton and De Doctrina Christiana’)

'Milton's Spanish', in Milton Quarterly 30 (1996). pp. 127-132.

(with T. N. Corns, F. J. Tweedie, J. K. Hale and D. I. Holmes), 'Latin and Stylometry: De Doctrina Christiana', in Proceedings of the JADT Conference, ed. S. Bolasco, L. Lebart and A. Salem (Rome, 1995), II, 313 - 20.

'Pragmatism and Narratology: the Case of Paradise Lost', in Contexts of Pre-Novel Narrative: The European Tradition, ed. Roy Eriksen (Moulon de Gruyter, 1994), pp. 273 - 282.

'Milton and the Languages of the Renaissance', in Journal of the Spanish Society for English Renaissance Studies 4 (1994 for 1993), pp. 11 - 21.

(with Sebastian Brock) 'Milton's Syriac', in Milton Quarterly 27 (1993), pp. 74 - 77.

'Popular Traditions of God in the Renaissance', in Reconsidering the Renaissance, ed. Mario Di Cesare (Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 1992), pp. 501 - 520.

'Milton's Eden', in A Walk in the Garden: Biblical, Iconographical and Literary Images of Eden (Journal for the Study of the Old Testament, Supplement Series 136), ed. Paul Morris and Deborah Sawyer (Sheffield University Press, 1992), pp. 220 - 228.

'The Authorship of De Doctrina Christiana', in Milton Quarterly 26 (1992), pp. 129 - 130.

'Baldi's Studi Miltoniani' in Milton Quarterly 24 (1990), 46.

'The Wealth of Ormus and of Ind', in Milton Quarterly 21 (1987), 22 - 23.

'Nathaniel Tovey: Milton's Second Tutor', in Milton Quarterly 21 (1987), 81 - 90.

'Son of Son of Lassie', in Milton Quarterly 21 (1987), pp. 104 - 105.

'Milton and the Septuagint: The Problem of Chrysolite', in Journal of Theological Studies 38 (1987), 441 - 443.

'Milton' in The Year's Work in English Studies 65 (1987 for 1984), pp. 297 - 316.

'Milton' in The Year's Work in English Studies 64 (1986 for 1983), pp. 251 - 270

'The Weather in Autumn 1634', in Milton Quarterly 19 (1985), 116.

'Imitation in Epitaphium Damonis', in Urbane Milton: The Latin Poetry, ed. J. A. Freeman and A. Low (Milton Studies 19, 1984), pp. 165 - 177.

'Milton and the Lives of the Ancients', in Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 47 (1984), 234 - 238.

'Milton's Catalogue of the Winds', in Milton Quarterly 18 (1984), 125 - 128.

(with Brian Nellist) Conversations on Milton: 'The Nativity Ode', 'L'Allegro' and 'Il Penseroso', Audio Learning ELA 090, 1984; 'Lycidas', ELA 091, 1984; 'Comus', ELA 089, 1984; 'Paradise Lost', ELA 88, 1984.

'On the Death of a Fair Infant', letter in Times Literary Supplement 4179 (6 May 1983), 461.

'"P.M.S." and the Contributors to Justa Edouardo King', in Milton Quarterly 17 (1983), 58 - 59.

(with Roger Collins), 'Milton's Almansor' in Milton Quarterly 17 (1983), 81 - 84.

'Milton's Paradise Regain'd IV, 244 - 245', in Explicator 41 (1982), 23.

בָּרָא, κτίζειν and creare Again', in Notes and Queries 226 (1981), 42 - 43.

‘John Benson', in Notes and Queries 226 (1981), 62.

'Chequered Shades and Shadows in Shakespeare and Milton', in Notes and Queries 226 (1981), 123.

'Francini's Permesso', in Milton Quarterly 15 (1981), 122 - 123.

'A Sequence in Milton's 1645 Poems', in Káñina 5 (1981), 95 - 98.

'The Son of God in De Doctrina Christiana and Paradise Lost', in Modern Language Review 75 (1980), 507 - 514.

(with N. M. Davis), 'Paradise Lost and the Norwich Grocers' Play', in Milton Quarterly 14 (1980), 113 - 116.

'Milton's Theological and Literary Treatments of the Creation', in Journal of Theological Studies 30 (1979), 128 - 37; published in Spanish as 'La creación según ideas Teológicas y Literarias de Milton', in Kañina 2 (1978), 99 - 108.

'The Mortalist Heresy in Paradise Lost' in Milton Quarterly 13 (1979), 33 - 36.

'Milton and Aurora's Tears', in Notes and Queries 224 (1979), 415.

'Alleged Imperfections in Milton's De Doctrina Christiana', in Milton Quarterly 12 (1978), 64 - 65.

'The Satire on Aristotelian Logic in Milton's Vacation Exercise', in English Language Notes 15 (1977), 106 - 110.

'Milton's Index Theologicus and Bellarmine's Disputationes De Controversiis Christianae Fidei Adversus Huius Temporis Haereticos' in Milton Quarterly 11 (1977), 12 - 16.

'Milton's Accedence Commenc't Grammar', in Milton Quarterly 10 (1976), 39 - 48.

'Milton's De Doctrina Christiana: Its Structural Principles and Its Unfinished State', in Milton Studies 9 (1976),  243-260.


The King James Bible (chapters, articles, notes)

'Fides ex auditu : hearing and reading the Bible' in The Laity and the Bible in Early Modern Europe, ed Erminia Ardissino and Elise Boillet (Leiden, 2019), pp. 21-32

'The Catholic Contribution to the King James Bible' in The English Bible in the Early Modern World, ed Robert Armstrong and Tadhg  Ó hAnnracháin (Leiden and Boston, 2018), pp. 131-140

'Making God Speak English',  in The Protestant Reformation: a Forum, ed. Bruce Gordon, in Marginalia (November 2017)

'Listening and Reading', in The King James Bible, Across Centuries, Across Borders, ed. Angelica Duran (Duquesne University Press, 2014), pp. 19-36, 283-289

'The Language of the King James Bible', in La Bible de 1611 - The King James Version: Sources, Écritures & Influences XVIe-XVIIIe siècles / Sources, Writings & Influences 16th-18th centuries, édité par Matthieu Arnold et Christophe Tournu (Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, 2013), pp. 107-16

'The King James Bible and its impact on English culture, 17th to 19th centuries', in Études Newmaniennes (2013), pp. 15-35 [in English with French summary]

'The King James Bible: Language and Literature'. in Transactions of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society 107 (2013), 8-10

'The King James Bible in the Modern World' in Библия короля Иакова, 1611-  2011: Культурное и языковое наследие / The King James Bible, 1611 – 2011: Legacy in Language and Culture, ed. Ye. B.  Yakovenko (Moscow, 2013), pp. 244-249 [adapted from the final chapter of Bible: The Story of the King James Version]

'The King James Version', in The Book of Books: Biblical Canon, Dissemination and its People, ed Jerry Pattengale, Lawrence Schiffman and Filip Vukosavović (Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, 2013), pp. 114-117.

'The King James Bible: Language and Literature'. in Transactions of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society 107 (2013), 8-10

'Translating the Bible for King James', in The Bible in Transmission (Summer/Autumn 2011), pp. 5-7

‘How the Bible became Literature’, Imitatio-Inventio: the Rise of ‘Literature’ from early to classic modernity, ed. Mihaela Irimia and Dragoş Ivana (Institutul Cultural Român, Bucharest, 2010), pp. 100-110.

Other authors and subjects

'No, the Vikings Did Not Discover America. Here's Why That Myth is Problematic', in Time (29 June 2021)

'Empty Quarter', in Dead Ground, ed. Andrew McNeillie and James McNeillie (Clutag Press, 2018), pp. 30-35

408  new or revised entries in Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, fourth edition, ed. Andrew Louth (forthcoming February 2022)

450 new or expanded definitions in Oxford English Dictionary (submitted 2018, being implemented gradually)

'Philip Walter Edwards 1923-2015', in Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the British Academy 16 (2017). pp 21-39

(co-author with Johannes Arens, Alexandra Buckle and Tim Stratford) The Richard III Reinterment Liturgies, ed. Tim Stratford, volume 81 of Joint Liturgical Studies (2016), 64 pp.

'Le jardin contemplatif', in Jardins 5 (2014), 37-44

'The Inheritance of Sir Syed: a view from the West', Aligarh Muslim University Gazette 50 No. 2 (February 2013), pp. 11-17, reprinted in slightly modified form in Sir Syed Ahmad Khan: Muslim Renaissance Man of India (Viva Books, 2016), pp, 25-37. Urdu version سر سید احمد خاں کی فکری میراث: ایک مغربی فاضل کی نظر میںسر سید احمد خاں کی فکری میراث: ایک مغربی فاضل کی نظر میں trans. Abdul Sabur Kidwai, in Tehzibul Akhlaq (October 2018).

(transcription of an interview) 'As a Matter of Fact: Gordon Campbell in Conversation with Joseph Shub', The European Legacy 17 (2012), pp. 213-232.

Three entries in The Classical Tradition, edited by Anthony Grafton, Glenn Most and Salvatore Settis (Harvard University Press, 2010): Amazons, Argonauts and Circe.

1227 entries in Grove Art Online (OUP, uploaded in tranches, 2008 to 2015)

Eleven entries in the Oxford Companion to the Garden, ed. Patrick Taylor (OUP, 2006): Leon Battista Alberti, Bartolomeo Ammanati, Gianlorenzo Bernini, Donato Bramante, Giambologna, Pirro Ligorio, Pacello Mercogliano, Medici family, Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli, Niccolò Tribolo and Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola. Published as an e-book.

‘God: a Literary and Pictorial History’ in Transactions of the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society 97 (August 2003), 20-25.

'A Cultural History of God', University of Bucharest Review, 5 no. 3 (2003), 230-241

‘Dates of adoption of the Gregorian calendar in Europe’, in A Handbook of Dates for students of British History, ed. C.R. Cheney (second edition, revised by Michael Jones, Cambridge, 2000), pp. 236-41

Contributor, Oxford Companion to English Literature, ed. M. Drabble (Oxford, 2000); comment on c. 1200 entries, including 60,000 words of new text, mostly on classical and modern European; new entries on Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, Sir Wilfred Thesiger, the Qur’an etc. Published as an e-book.

'Catalogues', in Spenser Encyclopedia, gen. ed. A. C. Hamilton (University of Toronto Press, 1990), p. 137.

'Spenser's The Faerie Queene II.xii.65', in Explicator 48 (1989), 4.

'Fishing in Other Men's Waters: Bunyan and the Theologians', in John Bunyan: Conventicle and ParnassusTercentenary Essays, ed. N. H. Keeble (Oxford University Press, 1988), pp. 137 - 151.

'The Title of Ibsen's Last Play', in KM 80: A Birthday Album for Kenneth Muir (Liverpool University Press, 1987), p. 31.

'Chidiock Tichborne and T.K.'s Hendecasyllabon', in Notes and Queries 232 (1987), 189.

'"The Crab behind his back": Astrology in Spenser's Epithalamion', in Notes and Queries 232 (1987), pp. 200 - 201.

'The New Cambridge Shakespeare', in Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies 3 no. 1 (1985), 63 - 69.

'The Source of Bunyan's Mapp of Salvation', in Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes 44 (1981), 240 - 241, plates 38 -39.

'Constable y La Aguja de Golding', in Káñina 4 (1980), 113 - 116.

‘Words and Things: The Language of Metaphysical Poetry', in Language and Literature 2 (1974), 3-15; published in Spanish as 'Palabras y objectos: el lenguaje de la poesía metafísica', in Káñina 3 (1979), 63 - 72.

Professional Publications

OUP Blog Posts

Miscellaneous Blog Posts

‘Anglo-Iranian Co-operation in Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges’, in UK and Iran Collaboration in Higher Education and Research: Achievements and Challenges, ed. Shahriar Shahidi (Tehran, 2005), 57-63.

'"The Idea of a University" Revisited' in Proceedings of the Second Annual Assembly of the Congress of University Convocations and Graduate Associations (Leicester, 1992 for 1991), 14 - 19.

English in Bulgaria and Romania, ESSE Papers 2, University of East Anglia (1992), 32 pp.

TQA: The Chair's Report, English Association (1995).

'International Dimensions of Quality in Education' in Proceedings of the Conference on Quality in English Language Teacher Education (Budapest, 1996), 9-16.

Higher Education column in EA Newsletter (1992-1999)

Articles in CUE News, MQ, The European English Messenger, TES etc.

numerous reviews in BBN, BJECS, BSRS, DUJ, JEH, MLR, MQ, N&Q, PS, RES, TES, YES etc.

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