PhD student awarded scholarship to visit Amman

Shazia Jagot has been awarded a visiting scholarship by the Council of British Research in the Levant for the academic year 2011-12. This is a six-month award based at the British Institute in Amman and includes a three-month Arabic language course at the Qasid Language Institute. The scholarship will allow her to improve her Arabic language skills for her research on Arabic science and philosophy in the works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Whilst Chaucer would have known of Arabic works through their Latin translations, Shazia's research takes into consideration the transmission and translation process from Arabic into Latin which requires a working knowledge of the Arabic language. This work will make it possible to localize the terrain which influenced Chaucer's attitude toward Islam: an attitude which is directly informed by the fact that he was immersed in a fourteenth-century crusading milieu centred in the Levant. Alongside her study of Arabic, Shazia will be fully immersed in the research environment of the British Institute and will contribute to the scholarly life of the Institute.

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