Dickens bicentennial success

Dickens bicentennial success

Kris Siefken with the Partlow Prize Committee. L to R: Kris Siefken, Prof. David Paroissien, Dr Catherine Waters, Prof. Malcolm Andrews

Kris Siefken, PhD student in the School of English, has been awarded the Partlow Prize by the Dickens Society for his paper entitled '"Character made plastic by the discipline": How solitary confinement presents psychologically construct(ive) possibilities in Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities'.


Named after Robert Partlow, the original Secretary-Treasurer of The Dickens Society, the Partlow Prize includes a monetary award, a waiver of the symposium registration fee, and the cost of the Dickens dinner. Dickens Quarterly has also asked for first refusal of Kris's paper.


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