Monday 30 June

All sessions will take place in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, room GR06/07

10.00-10.45 Registration and coffee

10.40-10.45 Welcome

  • Orietta Da Rold (St John’s College, Cambridge)

10.45-11.45 Plenary

Chair: Richard Dance (St Catharine’s College, Cambridge)
  • Jonathan Wilcox (University of Iowa): Scribal Postures: Scriptorium Practice and Writing with an Attitude in Old English Riddles

11.45-12.00 Short Break

12.00-13.00 Historiography and Languages

Chair: Philip Shaw (University of Leicester)
  • Joan Hart-Hasler (Saint Louis University): The Venerable Bede and his Graeca Exemplaria: What were the Anglo-Saxons doing with Greek texts?
  • Sara Harris (University of Cambridge): Writing British: Language and Archaeology in the Gesta Abbatum

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Scribes, Artists and Materials

Chair: Simon Horobin (Magdalen College, University of Oxford)
  • Carrie Griffin (University of Bristol) and Michael Johnston (Purdue University): Writings about Writing: Codicological Recipes in Late Medieval England
  • Barry Windeatt (University of Cambridge): ‘Ne scryvenyssh … thow it write’: Not Writing Like a Scribe in the Troilus Manuscripts
  • Holly James-Maddocks (University of York): Localising the Production of Chaucer's Romaunt of the Rose (Glasgow, Hunter MS 409)

15.30-16.00 Coffee Break

16.00-17.30 Composing Medieval Texts

Chair: Jonathan Wilcox (University of Iowa)
  • Christine Wallis (University of Sheffield): A Muddler and a Meddler: Two Scribal Responses to the Old English Bede.
  • Claudia Di Sciacca (University of Udine): The Old English Life of Saint Margaret in Tiberius A.iii: Sources and Analogues
  • Karen Jolly (University of Hawaii at Manoa): Inscribing Identity: Northumbrian Old English and Latin in Dialogue

19.00 Wine reception, Old Music Room, St John’s College

19.30  Hot Buffet Dinner, Wordsworth Room,  St John’s College


Tuesday 1 July

09.00-10.00 Plenary

Chair: Orietta Da Rold (St John’s College, Cambridge)
  • Richard Beadle (St John’s College, Cambridge): Authorial Agency: Some Middle English First Drafts

10.00-10.15  Coffee Break

10.15-11.45 New Projects

Chair: Susanna Fein (Kent State University)
  • Freya Brooks (University of Leicester): A Network of Female Readers and the Manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales
  • Deborah Thorpe (University of York): Neurology and the Medieval Scribe: Using the Material Text to Trace Disease and Disorder
  • Dorothy Kim (Vassar College): Building Pleasure and the Archive of Early Middle English
  • Daniel Sawyer (St Hilda's College, University of Oxford): Page, Verse, Margin: Some Shapes in English Books, c. 1350–1500

11.45-12.00 Coffee Break

12.00-13.00 Communities and Networks

Chair: Máire Ní Mhaonaigh (St John’s College, Cambridge)
  • Elizabeth Tyler (University of York)  and Thomas O'Donnell (Fordham University): From the Thames to the Rhine: Geographies and Social Networks of English Literary Culture
  • Owen Roberson (University of Leicester): Preachers and their preferences in the late Anglo-Saxon period

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Texts in Between

Chair: Kathryn Lowe (University of Glasgow)
  • Mark Faulkner (University of Sheffield): English as a Language of Authenticity in Twelfth-Century Canterbury
  • Kirstie McGregor (St Cross College, University of Oxford): Gildas's De excidio Britanniae in Northern England between the Seventh and Twelfth Centuries
  • Thom Gobbitt (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften): 'Law as Pamphlet?': Manuscript Contexts of the I-II Cnut Law-Code

15.30-16.00 Coffee Break

16.00-17.30 Reform and Identity

Chair: Mark Faulkner (University of Sheffield)
  • Tessa Webber (Trinity College, University of Cambridge): Bede's Ecclesiastical History as Night Office Readings: English Monastic Practice, c. 1000-c. 1200
  • Tracey-Anne Cooper (St John’s University): Writing Reform: Three Generations of the English Benedictine Reform in BL London Cotton Tiberius A.iii
  • Philip Shaw (University of Leicester): A Glove in Hood's Clothing? Heroic Onomastics, Hrólfs saga kraka and the Genesis of Beowulf

19.00 Champagne reception, St Catharine’s College

19.30 Gala Dinner, St Catharine’s College


Wednesday 2 July

09.00-10.00 Teaching and Caring

Chair: Claudia Di Sciacca (University of Udine)
  • Mercedes Salvador-Bello (University of Seville): The Natural World through Aldhelm’s Enigmata
  • Kathryn Lowe (University of Glasgow): Worcester and Wales: Copies of the Regula Pastoralis in the Early Middle Ages

10.00-10.15 Coffee Break

10.15-11.45 Scribes, Hands and Power

Chair: Richard Beadle (St John’s, University of Cambridge)
  • Susanna Fein (Kent State University): The Harley 2253 Scribe as an Artist of Drolleries
  • Sebastian Sobecki (University of Groningen): Ecce patet tensus: The Provenance of the Trentham Manuscript, In Praise of Peace, and John Gower’s Autograph Hand
  • Karine Guibert, François Lecellier (University of Poitiers) and Jean-Pascal Pouzet (University of Limonges): Establishing the Digital Signatures of Hands and Scribes: a Semi-Automated Treatment of Select Characters in Fourteenth- and Fifteenth-century Middle English Manuscripts with TRACSEM

11.45-12.00 Coffee Break

12.00-13.00 Response

Chair: Philip Shaw (University of Leicester)
  • Simon Horobin (Magdalen College, University of Oxford): 'Purging the grosser provincialisms': Dialects and Standards in late Middle English

13.00-14.00 Lunch

15.00 visit St John’s Library

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