Writing England conference 2010

Writing England: Books 1000-1400

Beaumont Hall, University of Leicester

28th-30th April 2010


The production and use of books in Medieval England reveal much about the complex matrix of competing and collaborating religious and intellectual movements, linguistic encounters, and literary and cultural developments. After the success of the Writing England Conference in 2007, we have expanded the temporal remit of the conference to exchange ideas about manuscript studies, material culture, multilingualism in texts and books, book history, readers, audience and scribes at the heart of the medieval period.

Drawing upon different approaches and perspectives, this conference aims to investigate the writers, compilers, manufacture and reception of books in England between c. 1000 and 1400. ‘Writing England’ will contribute to an interdisciplinary study of book cultures in the Middle Ages, and allow for cross-fertilization of ideas and research interests across the period.

Plenary speakers


Writing England is generously subsidised by The School of English, The University of Leicester, AMARC, Brepols and British Library Publishing.

Organising Committee

Dr Orietta Da Rold (Convenor and Chair), Dr Takako Kato with Dr Helen Foxhall Forbes, Hollie Morgan and Christopher Tracy.


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