Quadrivium 2009

Training, Careers and Vitae

Fifth Quadrivium PhD Training Symposium

4-5 November 2009
School of English, University of Leicester

Convened by Dr Orietta Da Rold

For those of you who are new or not so new to PhD work, the Quadrivium Programme offers lectures, seminars, and networking opportunities over a two-day period. Initiated with support from the AHRC collaborative PhD training fund 2004-06, Quadrivium is a training event which for the last five years has been held each November at a different university and run for students of medieval English textual cultures by a consortium of medievalists from Birmingham, Queen's Belfast, Oxford, York, Leicester, Glasgow, and St Andrews.

The Medieval Manuscripts Research Consortium, an alliance of UK-based funded research project teams, is a collegial forum for sharing expertise and experience concerning project management and, in particular, the nurturing of PostDocs and PhD students and the promotion of collaboration among project teams and institutions.

For further links to online resources for research in textual criticism, or to find out more about the Quadrivium Project, please visit the main Quadrivium site.

This year Quadrivium is being hosted in the School of English at the University of Leicester in collaboration with the University of Birmingham. Quadrivium’s ‘generic skills’ approach will be of value to research students at various stages of their doctoral careers.

Costs and subsidies

Lunches and the conference dinner will be free, and we are pleased to offer some financial support. For a limited number of students coming from a distance, up to £60 will be made available on receipt of your registration form (on a first-come first-served basis) to cover accommodation and travel expenses (on production of receipts).

Numbers for Quadrivium are limited. There is a Registration fee of £10 (not applicable to University of Leicester students).

The deadline for the receipt of registration forms is 24 October 2009. Due to the postal strike, we have extended the deadline to Tuesday 27 October 2009. If you were concerned about you registration form sent by post, please contact Hollie Morgan (hm75@leicester.ac.uk).

You will be informed promptly whether funds are still available to you. If they are not, and you are unable to attend, we will not process your cheque.


Quadrivium is generously subsidised by The University of Leicester Graduate School, The University of Birmingham and The English Association under the auspices of 'The History of Books and Texts Special Interest Group'.

Organising Committee: Dr Orietta Da Rold (Leicester), Professor Wendy (Birmingham) Scase, Dr Takako Kato (Leicester) with Ms Hollie Morgan (Leicester)



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