SuAndi was born in Hulme, Manchester. She writes mainly for performance and not for the page. SuAndi writes that her work is crafted to 'sound like a conversation [...] my mother’s mouth was filled with the over-the-fence chatter of Liverpool, expanding her expressions with an inherited Irish superstitiousness - we never did anything that might tempt fate against us. So we never wrote anything down, preferring to whisper it on.'

Since 1985 she has expanded her portfolio of work into diverse locations, from galleries to public artwork. She is the freelance Cultural Director of Black Arts Alliance, a recipient of a NESTA Dreamtime award, and in 1999 she was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Honours list for her contributions to the Black Arts Sector. In 2015 she was awarded an honorary degree by Lancaster University for her outstanding contribution to British art.



  • Soliloquy, Bop Cassettes BIP 601

Some Essays & Journalistic Work

  • Black Theatre in the African Continuum; Theory & Praxis, Harvard University
  • New Theatre in Francophone and Anglophone Africa, edited by Anne Fuchs
  • Matatu 20 Acts of Achievement Colloquium
  • Unprecedented Times, for Black Theatre Network, USA NY/USA
  • Companion to Contemporary Black British Culture, Routledge
  • Virtual Revolutions: Act and Read, ISBN 0 9523161 0 2
  • Work in Numerous Anthologies, including poetry for children:
  • 2005 Feminist Futures, Palgrave/MacMillan Press Four for More
  • There Will be No Tears, Pankhurst Press
  • Nearly Forty, Spike Books
  • Style, Purple Heather & Pankhurst Press

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