The Essence of Cycling

A new creative writing commission from the Centre for New Writing


The essence of cycling

We are pleased to announce that the competition was won by Kevan Manwaring. 

People say that everyone would do exercise if only you could bottle the feeling. This commission will capture the essence of cycling: the exercise itself and the culture that surrounds it. The commission is designed by Dr. Gary O’Donovan and Dr. Corinne Fowler, who are based at the University of Leicester.

The Essence of Cycling commission will explore the many pleasures of cycling. The commissioned writer will interview new and experienced cyclists and then produce a short film script, or vignette, of between 900-1000 words. It is anticipated that the script will subsequently be the basis for an innovative short film about cycling. We will seek additional funding to make short films which capture the essence of other popular sports and forms of exercise.

Pre-application meeting


A pre-application meeting was held so that competition entrants could meet project investigators and cyclists at 3pm at the Café Ventoux on Thursday 10th March, 2016.


Additional Resources

Lea Hunning's blog on cycling in Burma.

Red Leicester choir sing 'Get On Your Bike'.

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