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The Centre for New Writing was established to diversify literary voices beyond the metropolitan mainstream. From our Midlands base we specialise in devolved literary culture. The Centre fosters an understanding of Britain’s literary landscape which sees beyond established hierarchies and actively seeks to reshape this landscape.

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David Olusoga with Corinne Fowler by Ambrose Musiyiwa

Literature is for everyone. We want to create dynamic and innovative writing environments which benefit writers and communities alike. Our commitment to researching, developing and promoting literary diversity informs the University’s Literary Leicester festival and shapes our annual programme of events.

Our research demonstrates a particular need to provide infrastructural support for regional black and Asian writers, who suffer disproportionately from the commercial and cultural logic by which writing has historically been deemed worthy of national and international readerships.

The Centre also explores synergies between writing and academic research. The Centre’s ‘Writing and Research’ series promotes collaborations between writers and academics from disciplines such as history, geography and medicine. Writers learn new skills, while academics share platforms with writers and create new audiences for research, promoting new perspectives and conversations. Our latest project is called Colonial Countryside, a child-led writing and history project about country houses' Caribbean and East India Company connections.

Creative Commissioning

We have awarded 74 creative writing commissions since 2013. We have collaborated with archivists, historians and scientists to create commissions which allow writers to develop their professional profiles and learn new skills.



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