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Group overview

MA buildingThe Mechanics of Materials Group at Leicester was established by Frederick Leckie in 1968. It currently has 10 academic staff, 7 support staff and over 30 PDRAs and PhD students.The Group is unique in consisting of academics, researchers and students from both Materials Science and Computational Mechanics backgrounds. This has created an ideal environment for carrying out leading edge research by integrating modern experimental and computational technologies. The Group has strong international reputation in the areas of:

  • Computation methods for multi-scale modelling of material behaviour
  • Degradation theory of bioresorbable materials & implants
  • Design of medical implants & devices
  • Engineering asset management against corrosion and fatigue
  • Evolution of microstructure in high temperature materials for power generation
  • Forensic engineering
  • Powder technology and particulate engineering
  • Sintering science and technology
  • Surface engineering, surface contact and tribology
  • Understanding evolution of microstructures and defect formation in casting and semi-solid processing
  • Structural dynamics
  • Musculoskeletal and tissue biomechanics
  • Engineering management

The group hosts following research or training centres

Director, Dr David Weston

Director, Prof Hongbao Dong ; Associate Director Dr Simon Gill


Research Projects

We are keen to lead or take part in collaborative research project and consortium. Informal discussion can be made with either the Head of Group or any of the MoM group members directly.

Examples of previous joint projects include (a) a Technology Strategy Board project on modeling of power plant alloys to improve their high temperature capabilities, which was led by Prof Atkinson, Prof Hainsworth and Dr Gill; (b) a FP7 consortium on Modelling of Interface Evolution in Advanced Welding (MintWeld) which was led by Prof Dong; (c) two large EPSRC projects on Modelling Sintering jointly with Universities of Oxford, Cranfield and Surrey, both of which were led by Prof Pan, and (d) a large EPSRC project on Prediction and Optimisation of Manufacturability of Advanced Solids Based Formulations jointly with Universities of Leeds, Greenwich, Surrey and Imperial College London, led by Dr Sinka.

Solutions to Industrial Problems

We are keen to provide solutions to engineering problems in companies using our computational and experimental expertise. Informal discussion can be made with either the Head of Group or any of the MoM group members directly.

We have considerable experience in working for industry. For examples, the Group leads a University collaborative framework agreement with Alstom; Prof Atkinson has run £1.5M of industrially collaborative projects. Prof Hainsworth led a Jaguar funded project on investigating the mechanical properties and failure mechanisms of coated components for use in the automotive valve-train. Prof Dong is leading an EPSRC CDT with industrial partners including Alstom Power, Doncasters Group, Rolls-Royce, Tata Steel, TWI and Welding Alloys. Prof Pan and Dr Weston are running a £0.5million project on asset management against corrosion fatigue, which is funded by a major UK company.

There are a number of current links including with: Alstom; TWI; Doncasters; Purac; Morgan Matroc; Jaguar; Tata Steel; Ilmor; Mercedes Benz High Performance Engines; Delphi Systems; Pankl Motorsport; Teer Coating; GSK; Caterpillar; Siemens (Lincoln); Doosan Babcock; NPL; Qinetiq; FEI; EoN; RSP (small Dutch firm); Bodycote HIP; Holset; 3M (Atherstone); Perkin-Elmer; Mettler; TA Instruments; Netzsch (Germany); Setram (France); Rolls Royce; Deritend Precision Castings; Centrax; Howmet; Oxley; Federal Mogul; Astra Zeneca; Plansee (Austria); Caleva; Various Police Forces; National Police; Improvement Agency and Frenzak (Poland); University Hospitals of Leicester; Welding Alloys.

For more on what the group can do for industry, see an interview with Prof Helen Atkinson

PhD applications

We welcome students to study for PhD degrees in any of our research areas. Informal discussion can be made with either the Head of Group or any of the MoM group members directly. Details of our research topics can be found in the websites of MoM group members.

For application procedure, contact Mrs Michelle Pryce

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