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July 2013

The Centre enjoys it's first barbecue in sunny Leicester!

barbecue 1 large    barbecue 2 large     barbecue 3


Maryam is awared her PhD.

Congratulations from Centre staff and visiting Professor Fernando Lopes da Silva.

Maryam PhD     Maryam - PhD    


June 2013
Visit to the centre and presentation by Walter J. Freeman.

Walter Freeman & RQQ3     Walter and all staff     Walter - podium

April 2013
Opening of our new Research Lab

crf 3 - gallery     crf 4 - gallery     crf 5 - staff

March 2013
Opening of our new Research Centre.

all staff picture gallery     Seminar Rooms     Meeting Room 

rqqg & staff - pictuer gallery     eye tracker - picture gallery     eye-tracker & robot - picture gallery

December 2012
Christmas celebrations at a local resturant in Leicester - good food and drink with plenty of singing and dancing!!

Xmas 2012     xmas 2012     xmas 2012

xmas 2012     xmas 2012     xmas 2012

November 2012
Joaquin wins the 2012 EPSRC UK ICT Pioneers Competition in the category of "Technology Everywhere".

Joaquin award UK ICT Pioneers     Joaquin UK ICT Awards 2

July 2012
Rodrigo, Carlos, Joaquin, Julieta and Maryam attend the 8th FENS Forum of Neuroscience Conference in Barcelona.
fens 2012     fens 2012    fens 2012

January 2012
The Art of Visual Perception Exhibition.

embrace arts

February 2011
Matias obtained a 1st case EPSRC grant and we celebrated with mojitos and curry.

grant matias 5

Channel 4 visited the lab.

channel4_group     channel4_2     channel4_3

Carlos graduated.

carlos_grad3     carlos_grad2     carlos_grad3

February 2010
Carlos , Jonaathan, Juan attend the 2010 Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh.

infomatics conf 2010     infomatics conf 2012     infomatics conf 2010

Lab Members 2010


January 2007
Feuerzanquenbowle at Rodrigo's house.

Pic1.jpg     Pic2.jpg






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