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·        £367,205. MRC (RQQ - PI). “From single units to local field potentials: Study of the timing of medial temporal lobe responses in humans”. 2011-2014.
·        £30,338. AHRC (RQQ - PI). “Visual perception in arts and neuroscience”. 2011.
·        £27,000. College of Science and Engineering. U. Leicester. (RQQ – PI). 2011-2013.
·        £127,000. EPSRC (MJI – PI). “Bridging the gap between eye movements and event-related potentials”. 2011-2012.
·        £50,000. Royal Society (RQQ - PI). “Wolfson research merit award”. 2010-2015.
·        £321,028. EPSRC (RQQ - PI). “Ultra Low Power Implantable Platform for Next Generation Neural Interfaces”. 2010-2014.

·        £297,583. MRC (RQQ - PI). “Intracraneal Recordings in humans: Study of memory processes and applications to neural prostheses”. 2010-2013.
·        £779,102. BBSRC. (RQQ - CI). “A systems approach to understanding sensory-motor control of aimed limb movements”. 2010-2013.
·        £12,500. Leverhulme Trust. (RQQ - PI). Artist in residence award. 2009-2010.
·        £535,983. MRC. (RQQ - PI) “Neural correlates of visual perception and behaviour: Analysis of multiple single-neuron recordings in humans”. 2008-2011.

·        £490,000. Capital Investment Fund, University of Leicester (RQQ - CI). Point of care implemented diagnostics unit.

·        £12,000. (RQQ - PI). Royal Society. “Study of learning processes with single-trial evoked potentials”. 2008-2010.
·        £51,992 (RQQ - CI). AHRC. “Perception and wellbeing: a cross-disciplinary approach to experiencing art in the museum”. 2008-2011.
·        £13,839. EPSRC. (RQQ - PI) “Data Reduction Techniques for Systematic Information Quantification in Large Scale, Multiple Spike Trains”. 2007-2008.

·        £125,567. EPSRC. (RQQ - PI) “Neural coding of visual inputs in the human medial temporal lobe”. 2006-2009.

·        £4,037,770. EPSRC. (RQQ - CI). “Code analysis, repository, and modeling for e-Neuroscience”. 2006-2011.
·        $110,000. Swartz Foundation. “Coding and decoding of visual perception from multiunit activity and local field potentials” with Christof Koch. 2004-2006

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