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One of the major scientific challenges of our days is to understand how information is represented by neurons in the brain. Although there has been spectacular progress in the last decades, we are still far to comprehend, for example, how visual inputs are processed to create conscious percepts and how these percepts can create new memories.  

To understand these principles of brain function we perform single cell recordings in epileptic patients -implanted with intracranial electrodes for clinical reasons-, electroencephalographic and eye-tracker recordings and we use a sophisticated robot arm to study potential clinical (Neuroprosthetic) applications. Since complex behaviour is encoded by the activity of large populations of neurons, we also work on the development of advanced methods to extract useful information from these data.


Selected Press Releases (click here for full list)

Our work was described in a featured news article in Nature.

Our work was featured in The Wall Street Journal.


Selected Publications (click here for full list)

Extracting information from neural populations: Information theory and decoding approaches
Quian Quiroga R and Panzeri S
Nature Reviews Neuroscience. 10: 173-185; 2009

Invariant visual representation by single-neurons in the human brain.
Quian Quiroga R, Reddy L, Kreiman G, Koch C and Fried I.
Nature, 435: 1102-1107; 2005.

In retrospect: Funes the Memorious
Quian Quiroga R
Nature. 463: 611; 2010

Human single neuron responses at the threshold of conscious recognition.
Quian Quiroga R, Mukamel R, Isham E, Malach R and Fried I.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 105: 3599-3604; 2008



Borges y la Memoria.
Rodrigo Quian Quiorga 
Ed. Sudamericana, Buenos Aires, 2011. 

tapa libro rodrigo

Visual perception

Visual perception - Neural coding











Art perception



Art Perception ((c) Mariano Molina)

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The Art of Visual Perception 

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More 4: What Makes a Masterpiece? 



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