Technical and Experimental Staff

Mr Luigi Alessandro Technician (Electrical)
Mr Mohammed Arkate Technician (Electrical)
Mr Ian Bromley Technician (Mechanical)
Mr Barry Chester Technician (Mechanical)
Mr Graham Clark Technician (Mechanical)
Mr Martin Cockrill Technical Specialist, ASDEC
Mr Tony Forryan Technician (Mechanical)
Mr Bilal Haveliwala Technician (Electrical)
Mr Ian Jarvis Admissions Tutor
Mr Dominic Kent Stores Technician
Mr Chris Marlow Technical Services Manager
Mr Rashmikant Patel Technician (Electrical)
Mr Vinay Patel Experimental Officer (Mechanics of Materials Research Group) & Consultancy Manager (Advanced Microscopy Centre)
Mr Dipak Raval Technician (Mechanical)
Mr Tom Robotham Technician (IT)
Mr Dion Short Technical Services Manager
Mr Andy Truman Technician (Electrical)
Mr Alan Wale Mechanical Workshop Manager
Mr Andy Willby Experimental Officer (Electrical Power and Power Electronics Research Group)
Mr Paul Williams Experimental Officer (Thermofluids and Environmental Engineering Research Group)

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