Dr Yue Zhang

Associate Professor
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Aerospace & Computational Engineering (ACE) research group

School of Engineering, Engineering Tower E703, University Road, Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK

e: yue.zhang@leicester.ac.uk

tel:0116 252 2569

website: http://bit.ly/2C158Le

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Personal details

Associate Professor in School of Engineering, University of Leicester, obtained his B.E and M.E degree in 2001 and 2004 respectively at Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications, China. In 2008 he received his PhD degree in Brunel University, UK, where he also worked as a Research Engineer for the EU FP6 project- PLUTO. From 2008, he was a Signal Processing Design Engineer in Microwave Measurement Division-Europe, Anritsu Corp. He was responsible for the RF/IF, digital and DSP design for the measurement instruments for various wireless and broadcasting systems. From 2010, he joined Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK as Reader in Signal Processing. He also worked as a Royal Academy of Engineering, UK, Industrial Fellowship with Aeroflex Ltd. He currently leads EU Horizon 2020 5GPPP project IoRL as the Chief Architect and Deputy Scientific and Technical Project Manager and EU Horizon 2020 5GPPP project 6G BRAINS as the Consortium Scientific and Technical Project Manager(STPM). He is also one of the commitee members of 5G PPP pre-standardisation and 5G Architecture WG. His research interests are signal processing for 5G wireless and mobile systems, radio propagation model and multimedia and wireless networks. Dr. Zhang currently serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, ITU Journal of Intelligent and Converged Networks  and IEEE Access.




  • BEng Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT)
  • MEng Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT)
  • PhD Brunel University UK

Grants list

  • Principal investigator and consortium Scientific and Technical Project Manager(STPM)– 2021-2023, EU H2020 project on “Bring Reinforcement-learning Into Radio Light Network for Massive Connections”(6G BRAINS) . The value of the grant is €5.7m funded by EU Horizon 2020.
Grant holder: Dr. Yue Zhang
Investigators: Dr. Yue Zhang(PI), Prof.Jonathon Chambers(CI), Dr. Gaojie Chen(CI)
Funded by: European Commission H2020
Dates: January 2021 - December 2023
Research Group: Aerospace & Computational Engineering (ACE) research group
Coordinating partner: Eurescom(DE)
Collaborative partners; University of Leicester(UK), Viavi Solutions(UK), ISEP(FR), Brunel University(UK), Fraunhofer IIS(DE), University of the West of Scotland(UK), EURECOM(FR), Oledcomm SAS(FR), Thales(FR), BOSCH(DE), REL(IL), Altran(PT), Telekom Deutschland(DE)

Abstract: Ubiquitous smart wireless connectivity is critical for future large-scale industrial tasks, services, assets and devices. Very significantly improved connectivity needs to be unlocked through novel spectrum combinations and the fully autonomous management of the underlying network resources by applying online AI at multiple decision layers. 6G BRAINS aims to bring AI-driven multi-agent Deep Reinforcement learning (DRL) to perform resource allocation over and beyond massive machine-type communications with new spectrum links including THz and optical wireless communications (OWC) to enhance the performance with regard to capacity, reliability and latency for future industrial networks. We propose a novel comprehensive cross-layer DRL driven resource allocation solution to support the massive connections over device-to-device (D2D) assisted highly dynamic cell-free network enabled by Sub-6 GHz/mmWave/THz/OWC and high resolution 3D Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) of up to 1 mm accuracy. The enabling technologies in 6G BRAINS focus on four major aspects including disruptive new spectral links, highly dynamic D2D cell-free network modelling, intelligent end-to-end network architecture integrating the multi-agent DRL scheme and AI-enhanced high-resolution 3D SLAM data fusion. The proposed solution will be validated by proof-of-concept trials. The primary and secondary applications of THz and OWC technologies for a very broad spectrum of scenarios will be validated at BOSCH’s self-contained smart factory. The developed technologies will be widely applicable to various vertical sectors such as Industry 4.0, intelligent transportation, eHealth, etc. In particular, new business opportunities emerging in 6G BRAINS will be identified for follow-up exploitation activities. The results of 6G BRAINS are expected to create a solid basis for future projects and global standardisation for B5G and 6G technologies in areas relevant to industrial environments.
  • Principal investigator – 2019-2020, Viavi Solutions project on “5G C-RAN network technology modelling and software architecture test solution evolution” £48000
  • Principal investigator – 2018-2019, University Infrastructure Funding on “5G massive MIMO testbed” (£244,000)
  • Principal investigator and consortium Deputy Scientific and Technical Project Manager(Deputy STPM) – 2017-2020, EU H2020 5GPPP project on “Internet of Radio-Light”(IoRL)  The value of the grant is €8.7m funded by EU Horizon 2020.
Grant holder: Dr. Yue Zhang
Investigators: Dr. Yue Zhang
Funded by: European Commission H2020
Dates: June 2017 - November 2020
Research Group: Aerospace & Computational Engineering (ACE) research group
Coordinating partner: Eurescom(DE)
Collaborative partners; University of Leicester(UK), Aeroflex(UK), ISEP(FR), Brunel University(UK), MTEK(IL),Fraunhofer IIS(DE), Issy Media(FR), NCSRD(GR), JOADA(FR), WUT(PL),Arcelik(TK), REL(IL), HIT(IL), Ferrovial(SP), OLED(FR), Tsinghua University(CN), Leadpcom(CN), SFY(CN)
Abstract: Wireless networks in buildings suffer from congestion, interference, security and safety concerns, restricted propagation and poor in-door location accuracy. The Internet of Radio-Light (IoRL) project develops a safer, more secure, customizable and intelligent building network that reliably delivers increased throughput (greater than 10Gbps) from access points pervasively located within buildings, whilst minimizing interference and harmful EM exposure and providing location accuracy of less than 10 cm. It thereby shows how to solve the problem of broadband wireless access in buildings and promotes the establishment of a global standard in ITU.
  • Principal investigator – 2016-2017, EU Innovation Bridge project on “Adaptive Network Interface for the Robotics Sensor Network”
  • Principal investigator – 2014-2017, Cobham Wireless research grant on “Massive MIMO antenna calibration and measurement”
  • Principal investigator – 2012-2017, Cobham Wireless research grant on “Efficient Measurement Platform for 5G and beyond”
  • Principal investigator – 2011-2012, Royal Academy of Engineering, Industrial Fellowship on “Advanced Universal Platform for High Throughput (HT) Wireless Systems”


  • Shi, D.; Zhang, X.; Shi, L.; Vladimirescu, A.; Mazurczyk, W.; Cabaj, K.; Meunier, B.; Ali, K.; Cosmas, J.; Zhang, Y. On Improving 5G Internet of Radio Light Security Based on LED Fingerprint Identification Method. Sensors 2021, 21, 1515. https://doi.org/10.3390/s21041515
  • Jian Song ; Xiaofei Wang ; Jintao Wang ; Hongming Zhang ; Changyong Pan ; Yue Zhang ; John Cosmas "The Converged Internet of Lights Network for Telecommunication, Positioning, Illumination, and Medical Therapy," in IEEE Communications Standards Magazine, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 70-75, September 2020, doi: 10.1109/MCOMSTD.001.2000011.
  • Y. Zhang et al., "Internet of radio and light: 5G building network radio and edge architecture," in Intelligent and Converged Networks, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 37-57, June 2020, doi: 10.23919/ICN.2020.0002.
  • D. Kong, X. Zheng, Y. Yang, Y. Zhang and T. Jiang, "A Novel DFT-based Scheme for PAPR Reduction in FBMC/OQAM Systems," in IEEE Wireless Communications Letters, doi: 10.1109/LWC.2020.3024179.
  • Xiumin Wang, Jun Li, Zhuoting Wu, Jinlong He, Yue Zhang, Liang Shan,"Improved NSC decoding algorithm for polar codes based on multi-in-one neural network" Computers & Electrical Engineering, Volume 86, September 2020,
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    doi: 10.1109/TWC.2020.2968527
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  • L. Ge, G. Chen, Y. Zhang, J. Tang, J. Wang and J. A. Chambers, "Performance Analysis for Multi-hop Cognitive Radio Networks with Energy Harvesting by Using Stochastic Geometry," in IEEE Internet of Things Journal.
    doi: 10.1109/JIOT.2019.2953130
  • Q. Bai, J. Wang, Y. Zhang and J. Song, "Deep Learning-Based Channel Estimation Algorithm Over Time Selective Fading Channels," in IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 125-134, March 2020
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Research Expertise and Scholarly Interests

Research expertise and experience in engineering area of Microwave /RF/IF/Digital, covering:

  • High performance signal processing for communication
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Effective Embedded Computing Systems(FPGA/DSP/Micro-Processors)
  • Mobile and Wireless Network

Editorial Board

Associate Editor for IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting since 2012

Associate Editor for IEEE Access since 2018

Associate Editor for ITU Journal of Intelligent and Converged Networks since 2020

Guest Editor for IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting Special Issue on Convergence of Broadcast and Broadband in the 5G Era

Technical Programme Committee

  • Technical Program Committee Co-Chair of the IEEE International Symposium On Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting,
  • Technical Program Committee of the IEEE Vehicle Technology Conference


I am looking for talented, self-motivated researchers to work on 5G and Beyond communication systems. If you're interested feel free to contact me at yue.zhang@leicester.ac.uk

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