Professor Jim Wickerson

Visiting Design Professor

Prof Jim Wickerson


Telephone: 01332 244347

Brief Biography

Jim Wickerson studied Engineering at Cambridge University and then joined Rolls-Royce (aeroengines, not cars) in Derby in 1980.  He worked on turbine cooling and aerodynamics for 10 years, and then moved to the training department.  After organising and supporting graduate engineer training attachments around the company for several years, Jim found his main interest in teaching gas turbine design, and in finding and supporting design-make projects for groups of engineer graduate trainees.

Interests and Research

The gas turbine design teaching that Jim has developed is all firmly based on fundamental physical concepts, built up in concise lectures over a week into hand-calculation of a 'complete' gas turbine engine design.  Jim aims to ensure graduates have a linked understanding of all the important concepts - the detail can be added later.  His style of gas turbine design training is now used by Rolls-Royce at all its gas turbine design bases - in the UK, USA and Germany.

Over a period of 15 years Jim has found several hundred projects from within the engineering world of Rolls-Royce to suitably challenge groups of well-qualified graduate engineer recruits.  Often these projects are on very 'live' topics in the current development of gas turbine engines, or other Rolls-Royce research and development activities.

Jim is interested in the application and development of new design structuring methods.  He has supported the use of graduate trainee projects for trying out new university-led methods.

The future

Jim looks forward to his Visiting Professor role at Leicester and to becoming involved with undergraduate projects.  Jim would like to see more Leicester engineering students applying to Rolls-Royce, and being successful.

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