Dr Jian Chen

Lecturer in Vibration and Acoustics (Space)
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Aerospace & Computational Engineering Research Group

313b (above the Electrical Projects Lab 313), South Block,Engineering Building

University Road | Leicester | LE1 7RH | UK

Email: jc734@leicester.ac.uk

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Dr Jian Chen

Personal details

I joined the University of Leicester as a Lecturer in March 2018. I am the academic lead for the new “Dynamics, Vibration and Acoustics Lab”, which is equipped with 3D Polytec laser-vibrometers (LDV, the most advanced LDV in all British universities), and Siemens test (16-channel data acquisition, various accelerometers/shakers, and Test.Lab) and simulation packages (Virtual.Lab). I am willing to collaborate with researchers from both academic and industry.

Prior to the appointment at Leicester, I worked as a research fellow at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) and the Fluid-Structure Interaction Group of the University of Southampton (2015-2018), on European CleanSky2 “ENOVAL (ENgine mOdule VALidators)” project (through the Roll-Royce UTC in Gas Turbine Noise), with Professor Phil Joseph, and on the ship structure health monitoring project sponsored by Shell Shipping & Maritime, with Professor Dominic Hudson. I studied my Ph.D. at the University of New South Wales in Australia, under the supervision of Emeritus Professor Robert Randall from 2009 to 2013, on intelligent condition monitoring of IC engines by vibration simulation. My Ph.D. research was sponsored by Australian Research Council and Siemens/LMS, I therefore spent one year at the Siemens/LMS headquarter in Belgium as a visiting research engineer, under the supervision of Dr. Bart Peeters. I have maintained a close connection with Siemens/LMS since then. I was an International Scholar at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium from 2011 to 2012, with Professor Wim Desmet.

Before my Ph.D. study, I served as a KTP Associate at the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of Queen’s University Belfast (2007-2009) with Professor Jian Wang, on the vibroacoustic modelling of general double-leaf panels, and I also involved in the TSB (Innovate UK) project of “DRONE-Design Tool for Cost Effective Reduction of Noise from Enclosed Generator sets”, with Caterpillar and Siemens/LMS as the industry partners. Following the Ph.D. study, I had a short period of research experience at the University of Cincinnati (USA) with Professor Jay Lee, on the vibration-based operational monitoring of the propulsion system of the cargo ships. I got my Bachelor (equiv. 1st Class Hons) and Master (research) Degrees from Sichuan University in China, both in Mechanical Engineering. I keep a close relationship with Professor Yan Li at Sichuan University on the research topics of advanced material processing technology and product conceptual design.

Research Interests

  • Vibration/acoustics, structural dynamics and multibody dynamics
  • Machine condition monitoring and structural health monitoring (AI based)
  • Mechanical signal processing
  • Bionic engineering (structure, material and dynamics)
  • Advanced material processing technology
  • Product conceptual design

Journal Publications

  1. James Mathews, Jian Chen, Phillip Joseph,  “Modal cutoff ratio in ducts with realistic flow profiles and its application to  acoustic mode detection”, Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol. 434, pp. 404-421, November, 2018
  2. Ping Yuan, Yan Li, Jian Chen, Yan Xiong, Longfan Liu, “Experimental study on the associations among sketches based on design cognition”, Journal of Mechanical Design - Transactions of the ASME, vol. 104, October, 2018
  3. Jonathan Melling, Jian Chen* and Phillip Joseph, “Experimental investigation of a new two-microphone method for the determination of broadband noise radiation from ducts”, Applied Acoustics, vol.117, Part A, pp.66–75, 2017
  4. Wenqiangli li, Yan  Li, Jian Chen,  Chaoyi Hou, “Product functional information Based automatic patent classification: method and experimental studies”, Information Systems (Elsevier), vol. 67, pp.71–82, 2017
  5. Hongwei Liu, Yan Li, Jian Chen, Yan Xiong, Xiaojiao Du, Qian Shi, “A new design knowledge retrieval model based on granularity and clustering theories”, Proceedings of the IMechE, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, vol. 231(8), pp.1540–1559, 2017
  6. Xiqiang Yan, Yan Li, Jian Chen, Wenqiang Li, and Yan Xiong, “A method of implementing formalized multidisciplinary collaboration in product conceptual design process”, Proceedings of the IMechE, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, Vol 231 (18), pp. 3342-3357, 2017
  7. Jian Chen and Robert Bond Randall, “Intelligent diagnosis of bearing knock faults in internal combustion engines using vibration simulation”, Mechanism and Machine Theory, vol.104, pp.161-176, 2016
  8. Jian Chen, Robert Bond Randall, Bart Peeters and Herman Van der Auweraer, “Advanced diagnostic system for piston slap faults in IC engines, based on the non-stationary characteristics of the vibration signals”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol.75, pp.434–454, 2016
  9. Yifan Liu, Xianglong Li, Yan Li, Jian Chen, Wu Zhao, Fushi Bai, “The formation mechanism and morphology of the Nickel particles by the ultrasound-aided spark discharge in different liquid mediums”, Advanced Powder Technology, Vol. 27, No.6, pp.2399-2408, 2016
  10. Jian Chen and Robert Bond Randall, “Improved automated diagnosis of misfire in internal combustion engines: based on simulation models”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol.64–65, pp.58–83, 2015
  11. Jian Chen, Robert Randall, Ningsheng Feng, Bart Peeters and Herman Van der Auweraer, “Modelling and diagnosis of big-end bearing knock fault in IC engines”, Proceedings of the IMechE, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, vol.228, no.16, pp.2973-2984, 2014
  12. Yifan Liu, Xianglong Li, Fushi Bai, Jian Chen,  Yantao Wang and Nan Liu, “Effect of system parameters on the size distributions of hollow nickel microspheres produced by an ultrasound-aided electrical discharge machining process”, Particuology,  vol.17, pp.36–41, 2014
  13. Yu Chen, Yan Xiong, Wentao Jiang, Jian Chen, Meng Guo, Qingyuan Wang and Yubo Fan, “Numerical study on the effects of the number and geometries of drug-eluting stent links”, Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, vol. 14, no.05, 1450077 (15 pages), 2014
  14. Jian Chen, Robert Randall, Bart Peeters, Wim Desmet and Herman Van der Auweraer, “Artificial neural network based fault diagnosis of IC engines”, Key Engineering Materials, vol.518, pp. 47-56, 2012
  15. Chen J; Randall RB; Peeters B; Van Der Auweraer H; Desmet W, 2012, “Automated misfire diagnosis in engines using torsional vibration and block rotation”, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, vol.364, 012020 (12 pages), 2012
  16. Jian Chen, Yan Li and Jian Wang, “Simultaneous optimization of fuel cost and emissions for a hybrid electric vehicle using fuzzy logic control”, International Journal of Vehicle Design, vol.46, no.2, pp.204-218, 2008
  17. Jian Chen, Phillip Joseph, “Measurement techniques for mode detection and source separation in aero-engine inter-stage sections”, AIAA Journal, revised version submitted, 2018

Selected Conference Publications

  • Chen, J., Melling, J., and Joseph, P., “Experimental evaluation of a new two-microphone method for the mode detection and radiation of broadband noise in ducts”, ISMA 2018, September,2018, Leuven, Belgium
  • Jian Chen, Brian Tester, Phillip Joseph, “Application and validation of the two-microphone method for acoustic mode detection in aero-engines”, 21st Workshop of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the CEAS, Dublin, Ireland, September 2017
  • Jian Chen, Phillip Joseph, “Measurement techniques for mode detection in aero-engine inter-stage sections”, 22nd AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, Aeroacoustics Conferences, (AIAA 2016-2877), Lyon, France, 2016
  • Jian Chen, Robert B. Randall, “Model based automated diagnosis of bearing knock faults in internal combustion engines”, 9th IFToMM International Conference on Rotor Dynamics, September 2014
  • Jian Chen, Robert Randall, Ningsheng Feng, Bart Peeters, Herman Van der Auweraer, “Automated diagnostics of internal combustion engine using vibration simulation”, Surveillance 7, 29-30th, October 2013, Chartres, France
  • Jian Chen and Robert Randall, “Simulating bearing knock in an IC engine”, the 20th International Congress on Sound and Vibration, 7-11th, July 2013, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Jian Chen, Robert Randall, Bart Peeters and Herman Van der Auweraer, “Automated diagnosis of piston slap faults in internal combustion engines: based on a simulation model”, Acoustics 2012 Fremantle, 21-22nd, November 2012, Fremantle, Australia
  • Jian Chen, Robert Randall, Bart Peeters, Wim Desmet and Herman Van der Auweraer, “Neural network based diagnosis of mechanical faults in IC engines”, IMechE Tenth International Conference on Vibrations in Rotating Machinery, 11-13rd, September 2012 London, UK
  • Jian Chen, Robert Randall, Bart Peeters, Herman Van der Auweraer and Wim Desmet, “Inertial property estimation by the modal model method”, ISMA 2012, 18-20th, September 2012, Leuven, Belgium
  • Jian Chen and Robert Randall, “Vibration signal processing of piston slap and bearing knock in IC engines”, Surveillance 6, 25-26th October 2011, Compiegne, France (Best Paper Award)
  • Jian Chen and Robert Randall, “A vibration signal based simulation model for the misfire of internal combustion engines”, CM/MFPT2011, 20-22nd Jun 2011, Cardiff, UK
  • Jian Chen, Jian Wang and Matthew Cassidy, “Experiment study and design of moveable partition wall”, 3rd International Conference on Integrity, Reliability and Failure, July 20- 24th, 2009, Porto, Portugal


EG7312 Systems Engineering

EG2003 Experimentation 2

EG2005 Engineering Design 2

3rd Year student projects

MSc projects


    Two PhD scholarships are opening for starting in 2019. https://www2.le.ac.uk/colleges/scieng/research/postgraduate-opportunities/cse-2019/engineering/cse-eng4-jian


    I am looking for talented and self-motivated students to work with me on a broad range of vibration, dynamics and acoustics research, not just limited to the space application. I am happy to host visiting scholars, and Chinese students are also welcome to study Ph.D. with me through some scholarship programmes, such as the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

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