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Adam Allen, PhD CandidateAdam Allen

Adam completed my MChem degree in Chemistry in 2013 from the University of Leicester with upper second-class honours. He is now pursuing a PhD in engineering with the IMPaCT Centre in order to expand and broaden his skills. His current investigation is in the engineering niobium silicides for high temperature applications, in collaboration with Rolls Royce. Due to their high temperature capability, stiffness and low density when compared to nickel-base superalloys, It is hoped that my research will open up new opportunities for these compounds as candidates for use in future gas-turbine engines.


Lee Aucott, PhD Candidate

Upon leaving secondary school, I completed a 4 year engineering apprenticeship at Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, with my time being spent in a variety of business areas. I was lucky enough to secure university sponsorship from the company and successfully completed my undergraduate Lee Aucottdegree at the University of Brighton in 2011 with a 1st class honours.

Upon completion I was happy to be accepted on to Prof. Hongbiao Dong’s team to pursue a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. My research, in collaboration with Tata Steel UK, is focused on the assessment of microstructure evolution and defect formation in the welding of deep and ultra-deep sea oil and gas transportation pipelines. It is hoped my research into things such as weld solidification cracking and mechanical properties will allow for better welding techniques and material selection to be employed in Tata Steel pipeline products.


Adam Brown, PhD Candidate

Adam Brown

Prior to starting university, I took a year in industry placement at aerospace firm Goodrich Engine Control Systems. I began my degree study at the University of Leicester in 2006 and was awarded a first class MEng in Mechanical Engineering upon completion in 2010. My experiences during this time have led me to begin studying for a PhD, also at Leicester, in which I intend to investigate the behaviour of solid-liquid interfaces in alloy systems during solidification, at micro- and atomic-scales. It is hoped that the outcome of this research will bring a greater understanding of the solidification process and thus allow advances in the design of alloy systems and their manufacture.


Lisa Blanchard, PhD CandidateLisa Blanchard

Lisa obtained her Master Degree in Material Engineering from the engineering school of Phelma-Grenoble INP in France in September 2014. Following her final year masters project with The Welding Institute (TWI), She decided to pursue a PhD with IMPaCT in collaboration with TWI.
She is now studying the effect of microstructure and cold creep on hydrogen embrittlement of (super)duplex stainless steel.
It is expected that her research will help to understand the complex deformation mechanism of duplex stainless steel which appears in subsea environments.


Keith F. Carter, Visiting Professor, BSc, PhD, CEng, MIMechE, MINucE, MRINA

Keith is a Royal Academy of Engineering Innovation Visiting Professor.KeithCarter 2

Keith is the principal consultant and Director of Keimar Consultancy Ltd. He owns the consultancy company with over 12 years trading in the Nuclear and Aerospace Industries as well as general mechanical engineering.  He is a specialist in structural integrity analysis and engineering design. Currently contracted to Rolls-Royce Nuclear Marine and previously to Rolls-Royce Aerospace, British Energy and Advantica for consultancy, stress analysis and lifing

Zihui  Dong, PhD Candidate

I obtained my MEng degree from the Engineering Department at The University of Leicester in 2013.   

My PhD research is focusing on studying defect formation during investment casting of Ni-based superalloys for aero-engine turbine blades. Multi-scale modelling methods combined with experiments were implemented to study the strudture evolution and defect formation during investment casting and heat treatment of single crystal components.  

Mike Dodge, PhD Candidate

Mike Dodge

I obtained a first class MEng degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leicester, where I am now pursuing a PhD.  I am currently investigating failure of dissimilar weld interfaces in subsea high pressure oil and gas pipelines, in collaboration with The Welding Institute. 

By adopting a combined experimental and modelling approach it is hoped that my research will characterise the failure mechanisms involved, enabling optimisation of welding parameters such as materials choice and heat treatments.


Professor Jianfeng Fan, Visiting Professor

Jianfeng FanI graduated from Xi'an Institute of Technology with a BSc in Casting, China in 1999, and obtained my Masters degree from Northwestern Polytechnology University in Materials Processing Engineering, China in 2002. I received my PhD from Northwestern Polytechnology University in Materials Processing Engineering, China in 2005.
I am Professor in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Taiyuan University of Technology, China. My research interest is mainly focused in the development of advanced Magnesium alloys. As a Acdemic Visitor, I joined the Mechanics of Materials group of the Engineering Department at Leicester University in August 2014. My work here is to preparation and properties of Mg alloys with ultrafine microstructures and novel method for fabricating a super-hydrophobic film on alloys surfaces.


Manish Javahar, PhD candidate

I obtained my MEng degree from the University of Leicester in 2009 and I am working at the University with Dr Hongbiao Dong, in partnership with Rolls-Royce plc, to design a novel grain selector for producing single-crystal turbine components.

Xingzhong Liang, PhD candidateXingzhong Liang

I obtained my BEng degree in China in 2012 and finished my MSc degree study in University of Leicester in 2013. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD research at the University of Leicester under the supervision of Prof. Hongbiao Dong, in partnership with TWI.

My research focuses on precipitates effects on Hydrogen Embrittlement in super duplex stainless steel weldment in subsea oil & gas pipeline system. It is expected that the research outcome can provide the better understanding of hydrogen embrittlement behaviour and reduce the frequency of failure occurrences in subsea application

Xuyang Liu,Visiting Fellow

Xuyang Liu

I obtained my Master’s Degree of Engineering from college of materials science and engineering in Chongqing University in 2012. With a deep interesting of research, I continue to pursue a PhD in major of metallurgical engineering in Chongqing University.   I applied and joined the Mechanics of Materials group of the Engineering Department at Leicester University from September 2014 to August 2015. My current investigation is the fundamental research of preparation of titanium matrix composites.

I am a visiting Fellow in the Departmnent.

Baber Saleem, PhD candidate

I obtained a BEng Aerospace degree (1st Class) from University of Leicester in July 2012 and applied for PhD Research study of 3 years starting from January 2013. I took the opportunity and was lucky to have the EPSRC CASE Studentship Baber SaleemAward in collaboration with TWI ltd.

 I am currently  working at the University of Leicester with Professor Hongbiao Dong. My research focuses on the microstruture engineering for improved resistance to 'Hydrogen Embrittlement' which has been a persistant problem for decades for the design and integrity of structural materials especially high strength corrosion resistant metallic alloys used in deep subsea Oil&Gas systems. It is hoped that the outcome of this research will form a greater understanding  of 'Hydrogen Embrittlement' mechanism at microstructural scale and helps to develop a rigorous model for predicting when, where and how this problem will occur, which will substantially lead to design of new hydrogen embrittlement resistant materials

Sinan Savas, PhD Candidate

Mr Sinan Savas

I was born in the city of Kayseri, Turkey. Having completed my undergraduate study in at Gazi University, I embarked on MSc in Design and manufacturing Engineering at Gebze Institute of Technology.

With the scholarship awarded by the Turkish Ministry of Education, I took the opportunity to do my Masters degree at Loughborough University. I am currently doing my PhD at the University of Leicester under the supervision of  Dr. Hongbiao Dong. My research focuses on the design and manufacturing of a novel technique called "Single-pan scanning calorimetry". It is hoped that the outcome of my project will introduce this technique as a commercial product and also provide a better understanding of materials processing. 


Sungwoo Son

Sungwoo Son, PhD Candidate

I obtained my BEng degree in General Engineering from the University of Leicester in 2010. My PhD research is to investigate and develop techniques for measuring the Solid/Liquid interfacial energy. It is hoped that the outcome of my research will bring better understanding of the physical and chemical processes taking place at Solid/Liquid interfaces and this will have a huge scientific impact on studies in the areas of Materials Science, Physics (e.g. fluidity) and Chemistry. The measured data will be used to validate modelling results and also to use as input for process modelling.


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