Dr Harold S. Ruiz

Energy Systems, Superconductivity Research, Electrical Engineering, Engineering and Physics of Materials

Director of the Electrical, Software and Communications Engineering Programmes.

Head of the Energy Systems and Superconducting Materials Technology Research Team, part of the Aerospace & Computational Engineering Key Research Group at University of Leicester

Dr. Harold S Ruiz

Office: R-Block -R2- (Engineering Design Lab. Building)

Tel: +44 (0)116 229 7825
Email: Dr.Harold.Ruiz@le.ac.uk
Cc: hsruizr@gmail.com

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-6100-1918

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/haroldruiz

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  • Director of the Electrical, Software and Communications Engineering Programmes at University of Leicester
  • Head of the Advanced High Temperature Superconducting Materials and Power Systems Research Division at the Aerospace & Computational Engineering Research Group.
  • Fellow of The Higher Education Academy, UK.
  • Member of the Leicester Institute for Space \& Earth Observation Science, UoL.


Rounded superconductive transmission cable


My SUPERconductivity Research Group:

The main areas of activity of my group are oriented to the electromagnetic modelling, prototyping, optimization, and physical understanding of Metamaterials and Innovative Superconducting Technologies, ranging from the study of Josephson Junctions in the microscopic world, up to the prototyping of superconducting propulsion systems for the naval industry, the integration of superconducting technologies and other metamaterials for HV power machines, ultra high magnetic field devices, fault current limiters, energy storage systems, and large-scale modelling and analysis of power systems enabling the share of renewables.

My group also specializes in the application of variational methods and optimal control algorithms for a large set of problems which may include aspects of econophysics, supply chain processes, space image processing, materials science, etc ...

More recently, I am developing new systems for satellite data retrieval and data mining processes aimed to tackle global challenges in the developing countries.



Current members of the Team

  • Dr. Harold S Ruiz (Head of Group)
  • Dr. Edna C. Corredor (Visiting Researcher, Specialist on Materials Science and Magnetism)
  • Dr Milan Kapolka (Postdoctoral Research Associate on Applied Superconductivity)
  • Dr Bright Robert (Postdoctoral Visiting Researcher on Applied Superconductivity)
  • Dr. Ibrahim Bathis (Postdoctoral Research Associate on GIS-Energy systems)
  • Eng. Umar Fareed (PhD Student Applied Superconductivity)
  • Eng. Matthew Clegg (PhD Student Applied Superconductivity)
  • Eng. Sakti Murti (Research Assistant GIS-Energy systems)
  • Eng. Irwan Budiarto (Research Assistant GIS-Energy systems)
  • Eng. Ali Akay (Co-supervised PhD Student Electrical Engineering)
  • Eng. Benjamin Orton (Co-supervised PhD Student Electrical Engineering)
  • Eng. Joe Beyera (Provisionally registered MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Management 2019)

Previous members of the team

  • Dr. Waleed Hassan (Co-supervised PhD Student Electrical Engineering)
  • Dr. Awat Mulla (Co-supervised PhD Student Electrical Engineering)
  • Eng. Yini Liu (Graduated MSc 2018)
  • Eng. Muhammad Samad (Graduated MSc 2017)
  • Eng. Linfei Cao (Graduated MSc 2017)
  • Eng. Wenzhe Tian (Graduated MSc 2016)
  • Eng. Jia Gu (Graduated MSc 2016)






  • Head of the superconductivity program at the Electrical and Electronic Signals and Systems Group, Department of Engineering, UoL.
  • Member of the Leicester Institute for Space \& Earth Observation Science, UoL.
  • Associate member of the Computational Engineering and Control Group, Department of Engineering, UoL.


  • Superconductivity
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computational Engineering
  • Renewables
  • Smart Grid
  • Satellite Data Retrieval and Data Mining

Members and opportunities at The Superconductivity Team

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