Professor David Ward

Visiting Design Professor

Professor David Ward


Brief Biography

David Ward graduated in Natural Science (Physics and Theoretical Physics) from the University of Cambridge, UK in 1987 and received a PhD from the University of Nottingham in 1991 for his work in modelling of the electromagnetic effects of lightning return strokes.

Since 1991 he has been employed at MIRA Ltd, a leading independent provider of engineering services to the global automotive industry and has over 18 years' experience of automotive electronics including electrical systems, hybrid and electric vehicles, electromagnetics and EMC, embedded hardware and software, the functional safety of safety-related systems, and intelligent transportation systems.

Interests and Research

David's present activities major on the functional safety of safety-related embedded electronic systems in vehicles, the transport infrastructure and other applications and he is recognized as a leading international expert in this field. David was instrumental in the UK's early initiatives in this respect, leading to the publication of the MISRA Guidelines in 1994 and subsequent publications, including MISRA C. More recently he is the UK's Principal Expert to ISO/TC22/SC3/WG16 which has developed the new standard for functional safety in road vehicles, ISO/DIS 26262.

He is also active in research relating to energy efficiency in road vehicles and the electrification of road transport - the "more electric vehicle". Information on a typical project can be found at

David has over 80 publications in the areas of automotive electronics and related activities.

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