Mick Stamper

Head of Force Communications, Northamptonshire Police


Superintendent Mick Stamper is the lead for Northamptonshire Police’s change programme, Operation ICAN (Improving Confidence and Affordability in Northamptonshire). This programme is charged with reducing the organisation's budget by 20% whilst maintaining or improving the service provided to the public.

After leaving school Mick trained as a financial accountant before changing career in 1994 and joining Northamptonshire Police. He served as a constable in Northampton before moving through the ranks and achieving promotion to Superintendent in September 2011.

Mick believes passionately in the commercialisation of the public sector including, of course, the police service. Mick believes it is only through the adoption of private sector principles that the taxpayer can ever hope to be given the elusive blend of the best possible service coupled with value for money.

Toward the end of 2010, Mick began a review of Northamptonshire Police’s Scientific Support Department and, using the techniques he will discuss at the conference, successfully reduced the costs of the department by 25% whilst maintaining service provision.

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