Mark Sims

Professor of Astrobiology and Space Instrumentation, University of Leicester

Professor Mark Sims

Professor Mark Sims has 30 years of experience in space instrumentation and space missions. His research interests fall into two main areas: astrobiology, the search for life elsewhere in the universe; and interdisciplinary science, which include development and application of state-of-the-art instrumentation to forensics and disease diagnostics amongst others.

As an instrumentation specialist he is aware and conversant with many techniques including spectral imaging and detection of metals and organic molecules. Mark has worked with and for the European Space Agency as well as with many other agencies and teams around the world. He is experienced in multi-group and multi-international team development of challenging instrumentation and has experience in all aspects of instrument development from funding, through design, test, software and operations.

Mark is co-director of the University of Leicester Diagnostics Development Unit installed at the Leicester Royal Infirmary which aims to develop non-invasive techniques for diagnosis of disease.

His interests in forensics include detection of gun shot residue (GSR) using x-ray analysis techniques and detection of evidence (blood, semen etc.) using hyperspectral imaging techniques. Long term automated scanning of evidence would be the aim of his initial work (which is still under development and is yet to be published).

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