MathsMathematics is a core subject within the secondary curriculum. It encompasses the study of number, algebra, shape, measures and data-handling. These are all important elements of the Mathematics curriculum and here at Leicester we strive to ensure that you become an effective practitioner of Mathematics education with the ability to excite and engage pupils in all areas.

You will learn from some of the best practitioners in the field and, with their support, you will learn how to become an effective practitioner yourself. The programme will cover all areas of the National Curriculum for Mathematics, and will also address national testing, extra curricular learning opportunities and your own professional development.

The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) is offering Teacher Training Scholarships to Mathematics graduates who enter teacher training. There are also tax-free bursaries available. For more information, please visit the Get into Teaching website.

Programme Aims

PCGE Secondary Mathematics aims to:

  • broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding of Mathematics for teaching purposes
  • develop your understanding and insight into the ways in which Mathematics is learned and potential difficulties
  • provide an informed and critical view of National Curriculum requirements
  • provide up-to-date knowledge and experience of curriculum materials, developments in assessment and examinations, and the potential of Information and Communications Technology
  • provide a broad range of teaching and learning methods to cater for a full range of abilities
  • develop your skills in planning, communication, assessment, recording and evaluation

Subject Specialism

The Mathematics subject specialism will run throughout the academic year and will cover a variety of areas including:

  • the mathematics curriculum
  • lesson planning
  • subject knowledge: approaches to teaching and learning, including common misconceptions
  • teaching mathematics using technology
  • assessment of and for learning
  • theories of learning and teaching
  • communicating mathematically
  • differentiating to enable all pupils to reach their potential
  • teaching Functional Maths and Problem Solving
  • maths outside the classroom


Continuous assessment is used throughout the course and there are no examinations.

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Routes into Teaching

The next Routes into Teaching event will be on Friday 7th December in the Fraser Noble Building at the School of Education, University of Leicester from 4.00 - 5.30pm.

To reserve your place, please go to this website