Experiencing Large Numbers: 10,000 hedgehogs and a million pounds

September 2014 to July 2016


Rose Griffiths

Teachers from Leicester 3 to 8s Maths Forum

Project Examples

During the Autumn Term 2014, children in over 30 schools and settings in Leicester co-operated to make 10,000 salt-dough hedgehogs. These little models were displayed in the City’s largest museum for a week, spread on artificial grass, for children and adults to count them and arrange them in patterns. The exhibition then toured schools for the rest of the school year, so that each school could use them to help children see how our number system is built on ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Using a similar principle of co-operation to provide a public exhibition, followed by a tour of schools, children have designed their own £100 notes for 2015-2016, and a suitcase holding a million pounds of children’s money is currently touring schools in Leicester and Leicestershire.

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