Research by the Lesson Study Research Group

Over a three-year period from 2012 to 2015, we conducted innovative research into the use of lesson study in a variety of educational settings, primary, secondary and higher.

Currently, we are engaged in research into the use of lesson study in

  • initial teacher education (PGCE primary and secondary)
  • learning in Higher Education programmes
  • international projects exploring
    1. how learning and the observation of learning are conceptualised in lesson study projects
    2. English language teaching in Higher Education.

As a result of these studies, we are working on a more complex understanding of the continually emergent work of new and experienced teachers, through the idea of ‘pedagogic literacy’, a holistic understanding of how teaching develops and what it means be a teacher.

Completed Projects

Following a pilot study in 2011-12 in one school (Cajkler, Wood, Norton and Pedder, 2014), we were funded by the Society for Educational Studies to evaluate the use of lesson study in programmes of initial teacher education.

  • Beyond Communities of Practice: investigating and developing the professional learning of trainee teachers through Lesson Study funded by Society for Educational Studies (SES)

Other projects include:

  • Participative lesson study in international Masters teaching (Higher Education Academy Funded) (embed report)
  • Lesson Study in Maths and Modern Languages: a case study of collaboration (University of Leicester funded): Cajkler, W. Wood, P. Norton, J. Pedder D. & Xu Haiyan (2015)
  • Teacher perspectives about lesson study in secondary school departments: a collaborative vehicle for professional learning and practice development, Research Papers in Education, 30:2, 192-213,


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